Jamal Jones Trilogy

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Jamal Jones Trilogy
Jamal Jones Header.png
Authors Various
Ports Vanilla, Limit-removing
Year 2023
Link Doomworld forums thread
Cacoward-2018.png This mod received an honorable mention at the 2022 Cacowards on Doomworld!

Jamal Jones Trilogy is a compilation of levels created during the Doomkid's 20 Years Mapping Contest held at the Doomworld Forums. This was a community project dedicated to Doomkid's 20th anniversary as a mapper. He started the project on January 5, 2022. Results of the contest were announced on June 23, 2022: Michael Jensen was chosen a winner, while Rycuz and Big Ol' Billy shared second place. The contest itself received an honorable mention at the 2022 Cacowards. After that ten more levels were created and later compiled with the others into three megawads (called episodes) and released as a trilogy. All of the levels can be played on vanilla Doom II with the exception of MAP32 from Episode 2 which requires a limit removing source port.

Shared content[edit]

The mod uses DeHackEd patches to change characteristics and behavior of monsters and weapons.

Custom monsters[edit]

Plasma Guy

Replaces spectre. Shoots plasma like an arachnotron, but at a slower pace. Has 90 hit points.

Alien Imp

A thin variant of imp, replaces Commander Keen. Has 130 hit points. Walks faster than its original counterpart and shoots both imp and baron of Hell fireballs.

Blind Pinky

Replaces demon. Has the same amount of hit points, but attacks faster.


Replaces cacodemon. Has the same amount of hit points, but is more aggressive and shoots Hell noble fireballs.

Flame Caco

A variant of cacodemon, replaces pain elemental. Has 550 hit points. Spits flame at a close range and also shoots fireballs.

Some monsters also have new sprites, yet function the same. Zombiemen, shotgun guys, heavy weapon dudes, and Wolfenstein SS (now called hazmat guy) wear marine helmets and different armor. Regular imps are thinner like alien imps. Hell knights and barons of Hell now use palette translations to achieve their colors (brown and red respectively).

Custom weapons[edit]

The pistol is transformed into the rifle, which fires faster, with higher accuracy, and fires two bullets per shot. The fist is replaced with the bayonet, which deals four times more damage. Rate of fire is increased for the chainsaw, shotgun, chaingun and rocket launcher. Most of the weapons also received new sprites.

Episode 1: In Judgment of Evil[edit]


Filename: E1_JUDGE.wad

Episode 2: One Man Jury![edit]


Filename: E2_JURY.wad

Episode 3: Hell's Executioner[edit]


Filename: E3_EXEC.wad

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