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James "Quasar" Haley has been a member of the Doom community since 1997, and is best known as the lead programmer of Team Eternity, creators of the Eternity Engine and WinMBF source ports. He is also a Doomworld moderator and Doom Wiki administrator. Since 2017, he is a full time game developer for Nightdive Studios.

In 1998, Quasar acted as the chief beta tester for the little known port Random Doom. From 1999 to 2008, Quasar was a central figure in the Raven source code licensing campaign, which sought and eventually obtained the release of the Heretic and Hexen code under the GPL.

Quasar also developed Chocolate Strife, the addition of Strife support to the Chocolate Doom code base through a four-year intensive reverse engineering project, alongside Samuel Villarreal (Kaiser). It is still an ongoing project as of 2016.

In February 2011, Quasar spearheaded the proposal to move the Doom Wiki onto its current hosting arrangement at MancuNET. Since that time, he has stepped up his administrative activities and takes responsibility for most backend maintenance tasks. He also codes the wiki's customized version of the Monaco skin.

At the Cacowards in 2020, Quasar received the Espi Award for Lifetime Achievement.

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