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This article is about the mapper. For other uses, see Obsidian.

James Caldwell (better known as Obsidian) is a level designer from New Zealand, who joined the Doom community in 2012. In 2013, he was named one of the most promising newcomers at the 20th Annual Cacowards and his mapset Maskim Xul won a Cacoward in 2018. Caldwell's levels are often small and compact in playing space, and feature inventive and experimental design ideas alongside tight, controlled combat. He frequently employs extensive and creative use of DeHackEd, seen especially in Maskim Xul.

He is also known as the original host of the Abyssal Speedmapping Sessions, and the project lead of various MAYhem installments. Additionally, he has been a moderator on the Doomworld forums since 2021.

Body of work[edit]




  • Abyssal Speedmapping Sessions: Session 12 (Doomworld/idgames)
    • Project lead
    • MAP02: Neural Crush


  • Abyssal Speedmapping Sessions:
    • Session host (13-15)
    • Session 13, MAP04: FUCK YOUR FOOD!
    • Session 14, MAP07: Blasphemerotic Fellocide
    • Session 15, MAP08: Obsidian's Lament
    • Session 18, MAP15: Yippee Splat!
    • Session 19, MAP11: Be Patient Honey, I Can't Find My Nipple Blades
    • Session 21, MAP03: My Internet is Masquerading as a Pair of Corduroy Trousers
    • Session 24, MAP14: The Ballad of El Jaguar
  • Doomworld Roulette: Session 1 (Doomworld/idgames)
    • MAP04: The Mystic Temple of Ka'qun Babu







  • Abyssal Speedmapping Sessions:
    • Session 50, MAP05: Hugo Weaving's Dumptruck Emporium, MAP12: Not Piss
    • Session 51, MAP03: Rifle? Trifle? Eyeful?, MAP07: Tick, and if I may be so bold, Tock
    • Session 52, MAP04: I'm So Sorry Iikka, MAP11: Rush Limbaugh's Soft Shitty Corpse
    • Session 53, MAP04: DELICIOUS FUCK SAWSE, MAP06: Tetanus Tango
    • Session 54, MAP04: Car Park of the Elder Gods, MAP15: Ascertain
    • Session 55, MAP04: Ah Shit, There's Sand in my Megaarmor
    • Session 56, MAP04: Reaching for an Oversized Chrome Spoon, Alfonzo Gathers an Intimate Quantity of Dried Muffin Remnants and, Brushing his Scapular Aside, Proceeds to Dump These Inside of his Shirt, MAP07: Arrogantly Twisting the Sterile Canvas Snoot of a Fully-Charged Icing Annointment Utensil, Alfonzo Poots Forth a Quarter-Ounce Green Rosette Near the Summit of a Dense-But-Radiant Muffin of his Own Design
    • Session 57, MAP01: Fucking a Gramophone with the Correct Level of Enthusiasm
    • Session 58, MAP02: The Ghost of Doorsmas Past, MAP07: Wahlem Dauigi
    • Session 31, MAP01: Fuck, I Love Books, MAP03: Buckle the Fuckle Up, MAP07: Maladaption
  • 15 Years a Doomer (Doomworld forums thread)
    • Ghosts in the Undergrowth
  • Tenth Gear (Doomworld/idgames)
    • MAP21: Bleeder
  • Half Moon (Doomworld forums thread)
    • Part 1, MAP26: Festering Iron
  • 10 Years of Doom (Doomworld forums thread)
    • Alfonzo Settles Down and Opens a Nigerian Pretzelry after Winning the Grand Prize at the World Ballet Competition



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