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James Paddock (alias Jimmy) is a British composer, Doom level designer and graphic artist. He has been active in the community since 2006.

He is best known for his many musical contributions to the community, with over 700 tracks to his name as of 2021. He has composed for SIGIL, Plutonia 2, Speed of Doom, Back to Saturn X, Eviternity among many others. He has promoted and led the creation of custom soundtracks for Doom projects, which include the Plutonia, Revolution and Rebirth MIDI packs. He also set up "speed MIDI sessions" in the fashion of speedmapping on the Doomworld forums, and created the Doom Musicians Guild. He maintains "Jimmy's Jukebox", a ZDoom add-on containing the original MIDI soundtracks from the Doom engine games, some other games of the era (such as Rise of the Triad or Duke Nukem 3D), and many classic megawads such as Icarus: Alien Vanguard, Requiem, or Memento Mori. This jukebox allows to create custom or random soundtracks to listen to while playing mods which do not feature their own original soundtrack.

His most notable level design works are the megawad Jenesis, the Cacoward-winning independent game The Adventures of Square and the Heretic megawad the Faithless Trilogy. He has made contributions to many projects including Back to Saturn X, Doom 2 the Way id Did, Eviternity, as well as the Community Chest, DUMP and MAYhem series. He made Deathless, an episode replacement-turned-megawad that was notable for being created in just 9 days, which was later added as an official add-on for the Doom Classic Unity port. Earthless: Prelude, the first chapter in a planned Doom II megawad, was also added to the official add-ons in 2021. He has, furthermore, released a wide range of single-level WADs/PK3s, many of which also recipients of community awards.

His other work includes creating numerous graphics for Doom projects, most notable of which are Jimmy-tex and Zoon-tex. He also founded and led The Joy of Mapping series, a community project series that aims to teach newer Doom mappers.

He was the recipient of the Espi Award for Lifetime Achievement at the 2019 Cacowards for his numerous contributions to the community. In 2021, he celebrated his 15-years-long modding career by hosting the 15 Years a Doomer mapping contest, which drew 43 submissions from many mappers across the community.

Body of work[edit]











  • Abyssal Speedmapping Sessions:
    • Session 26, MAP05: Vats of Hatred, MAP07: Bruisin' for a Cruisin', session co-host (with TheMionicDonut)
    • Session 28, MAP04: Decrepit Cauldron, MAP08: Mozzarella Compactor
    • Session 29, MAP01: 'O' of Construction
  • Doomworld Roulette: Session 2 (Doomworld/idgames)
    • MAP08: Kevin Spacey's Lunartech Dojo Puppet Show



  • Team Rocket: Blasting Off at the Speed of Mapping (Doomworld/idgames)
    • MAP02: Teahouse
    • MAP12: Little Savage
    • MAP17: Petrichor Gardens
    • MAP23: Bug Collection
    • MAP26: This is Your Afterlife
    • MAP28: Den of Skreevil
    • Soundtrack for MAP01






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