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Jay Wilbur, at far left, with Javier Heredia (Dukrous) and members of id Software at Doom's fifth anniversary party.

Jay Wilbur was the former business manager and a co-owner of id Software, where he was essentially a project director. He managed all of the company directives including maintaining, developing, and implementing Wolfenstein 3D (including its sequel, Spear of Destiny), Doom, Doom II, Final Doom, and Quake.

While editing the computer magazine UpTime in the mid-1980s, Wilbur regularly published Apple II games written by John Romero. He subsequently convinced Romero to join Softdisk after the latter's startup company had failed.

He is currently the vice president of business development for Epic Games.


  • Jay is depicted on card #168 of the Topps American Pie series of trading cards released in 2011.

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