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Jim Valavanis, more commonly known as Jval, is a Greek game designer and programmer. A prolific developer, Valavanis's work with Doom is primarily in the realm of source ports, utilizing the Delphi and Pascal programming languages.


In regards to Doom history, Valavanis has created numerous source ports and related programs:

Source ports[edit]

Other Doom related tools[edit]

  • ACCP: Port of ACC to Pascal, used to compile ACS scripts for DelphiDoom
  • DoomViewer: Doom, Heretic, Hexen & Strife map viewer
  • DelphiDoom Procedural Modeler: A tool for creating models for DelphiDoom
  • DelphiDoom Voxel Editor: A tool for creating voxels for DelphiDoom
  • DelphiDoom Terrain Generator: A tool for creating terrain
  • DoomRock: A procedural rock sprite & voxel generator for Doom games
  • DoomTree: A procedural tree sprite & voxel generator for Doom games
  • PBSP: A port of a node builder based on BSP v5.1 source code
  • PK3ENTRY: lump manager for PK3 files
  • Radge (Spelled R.A.D.G.E): [RA]ndom [D]oom [GE]nerator, a commandline tool for generating random levels for Doom based on SLIGE v.490
  • Sort and Threads test: a test application for sorting algorithms and multithreading functions. Sort tests are focusing in vissprite sorting efficiency of the Doom engine
  • WAD Painter: a tool that can create textures from WAD & PK3 file resources (Blend textures to create new textures)

Other developments[edit]

Aside working on Doom source ports and auxillary programs, Valavanis has created several other applications:

  • BrickTris: a Tetris clone for Microsoft Windows
  • Bricks Inventory: A tool to help you manage your bricks inventory, such as that from Lego
  • Columns: a portable puzzle game for Windows
  • DelphiQuake: A source port of the MS-DOS game Quake, developed in Delphi
  • Dragon: A game based on the DelphiDoom codebase
  • DukeViewer: Duke Nukem 3D map viewer
  • ENDEDIT: A B800 text screen editor. Such screens were usually displayed as an end screen when exiting DOS based games. Can edit ENDOOM screens
  • GFractal: A fractal generator
  • GLSpeed: A remake of the game Speed Haste with OpenGL rendering, utilizing the DelphiDoom codebase
  • Greek lexarythms: Type a greek word or a number value and get the equivelant lexarythms
  • Hunter: A DirectDraw based first person shooter utilizing 3D models of the Doom monsters created in 2004
  • I3DViewer: Speed Haste model viewer (I3D models)
  • MD2 Viewer: model viewer for Quake II models
  • Mars3D: A remake of the game Mars 3D - The Ultimate Fighter, with OpenGL rendering, utilizing the DelphiDoom codebase
  • MAD2WAD: A program to convert .MAD files to WAD, used by Mars 3D, 3D Hero, and Tao games from Engine Technology
  • PTree: Procedural tree generator
  • Portal Adventure: Portal Adventure - The Hunt for Dr. Freak: A game based on the DelphiDoom codebase
  • QuakeViewer: Quake engine map viewer
  • RAD: A source port of the MS-DOS game Radix: Beyond the Void, utilizing a modified DelphiDoom source as its basis with OpenGL support (RadGL)
  • Reversi: a portable Othello clone for Windows
  • Simple Hex Viewer: A hex viewer of files for Windows
  • Texture Perspective: A tool for creating textures from real world photos
  • TombViewer: Tomb Raider level viewer
  • XGreed: A source port of the MS-DOS game In Pursuit of Greed, utilizing the Windows source of the Raven engine

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