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John J. Bye (alias Gestalt666 or Spook/Spooky) is a British Doom level designer and musician, most notable for leading The Black Star Coven to create The Talosian Incident, which was featured in Top 100 WADs of All Time article. He also contributed to The Darkening. His maps "often favor(s) moody, exploratory affairs with plenty of hoofing"[1]. His musical compositions "...[are] a neat departure from the typical tunes, attempting to get your pulse pounding via a different avenue..."[2] and have been regarded as "incredibly effective"[3].


John Bye started playing Doom shortly after the release of the Shareware episode of Doom[4]. He created "Spook's Doom page", and later moved to GeoCities and opened up "The Gestalt66 resource".[5]

In late 1996[6], he founded The Black Star Coven, and along with them went on to create The Talosian Incident, a megawad that took six months to develop[7], and was finally released on 06/19/97. In the summer of 1997[8], "The Black Star Coven" changed into "The Coven", then moved on to Quake and went commercial. "The Coven" was closed in the winter of 1999[9]. He was also the Content Director of PlanetQuake from May 1998 to April 1999[10].

After Doom and Quake, he moved to various game companies. He is currently working at Future Games of London Ltd.[11]

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