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John Cash was a programmer with id Software from 1997 to 2000. He joined id Software in 1997 after leaving a job with Novell where he worked as a network software engineer on Novell Netware versions 3.1 through 4.1.[1] He was involved in repairing the broadcast packet meltdown bug in the first release of Doom.


John's involvement with id Software began shortly after the release of Doom when John attempted to play Doom on a large IPX network, only to be met with issues related to the broadcast packet meltdown bug. Being an expert in the protocol, John discerned the problem and sent an email to Shawn Green describing a precise fix.[1] He received a reply from John Carmack including an offer to send him the IPXSETUP source code so that he could implement the fix himself.[1]

Later when id Software needed a new programmer for Quake II, John was hired on as a full time employee and became the lead programmer for that project.[1]

After leaving id on May 8, 2000, John became a programmer at Blizzard Entertainment, where he worked on World of Warcraft.[2]

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