Joost Schuur


Joost Schuur (who preferred to write joost schuur) is a system administrator, webmaster and programmer who was an early anchor of the Doom community from its inception in 1993 up to 1996.

Community activities[edit]

After the /doom and /doom2 archives went on hold in November 1994, Joost arranged for to become the new primary server a month later, and he became their new maintainer. A significant improvement was undertaken by combining and reorganizing the two archives into the canonical idgames archive, and broadening submissions to all Doom engine games. In April 1996, with Quake soon to be released, he founded and moved on to administrate the idgames2 archive.

He was the maintainer and moderator of the doom-editing mailing list, which included John Romero as one of its more notable participants, and a member of the RGCD Support Team.


Joost created HEU, an unofficial port of DEU for Heretic.

Other notable activities[edit]

Joost was id Software's webmaster and ftp-admin from 1995 through 1997.

After the first news of Quake surfaced in August 1994, until October 1995, he compiled all available information and rumors about the game into an irregular newsletter, called quakeTALK.[1]

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