Jumpmaze II

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Jumpmaze II
Title screen
Authors Hypnotoad, Positron, Hisymak, wario
Ports Skulltag, Zandronum
Year 2013
Link Zandronum forum thread

Jumpmaze II is a 46-level megawad for Doom II and the Zandronum source port. It is the fan sequel to Jumpmaze, originally created by James Esquibel (Cyber), and was developed by a team led by Hypnotoad, Positron, Hisymak and wario. Much like its predecessor, the WAD features gameplay oriented around jumping platforming challenges, and starts its main roster of levels at MAP33, meaning it is possible, and indeed intended, for it to be loaded alongside the regular Jumpmaze's roster of maps. A further sequel, led by Cyber himself, Jumpmaze X, would be released in 2020.



The gameplay of Jumpmaze II remains very similar to its predecessor, and features an array of enhanced gameplay options made possible through various scripts, already previously discussed on the first mod's page. Jumpmaze II introduces a training stage in the form of MAP00, meant to teach newcomers the ropes of the platform-oriented gameplay and the various elements present in the mod. The new maps are heavily focused on racing other players and feature somewhat less maze-like designs compared to its predecessor. The mod also contains a bunch of bonus maps, including secret maps and maps that did not make it to the main roster of 32 maps but were nonetheless included.

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