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Title screen
Authors Zachary Stephens & Grain of Salt
Port MBF-compatible
Year 2022
Link Doomworld forums thread
Cacoward-2018.png This mod received one of the 2022 Cacowards on Doomworld!

JUMPWAD is a set of seven platforming maps for Doom II using MBF-compatible source ports. A collaboration between Zachary Stephens (Ribbiks) and Grain of Salt, the set was released in June 2022 and makes extensive use of DeHackEd to create various gameplay changes. Weapons have been completely removed and replaced with the ability to jump when pressing the fire button. The player is invulnerable to damage, and no enemies are encountered, with the goal instead being to collect gems while exploring the maps, maneuvering various environmental obstacles, and solving puzzles. Besides gems, it is also possible to find and collect the "Eternal Golden Flame" in each map.

The skill level options on start-up are replaced with a menu to set the density of snow that is falling in certain maps, with either "No Snow", "Some Snow, or "All Snow" to choose from. After beating MAP07, depending on the rank achieved, the player will exit to one of two short outro maps.

In December 2022, Jumpwad received a Cacoward.


Custom content[edit]

Jumpwad began development in 2017 and was for the longest time intended to be Boom-compatible. Later on, it was moved to MBF-compatible when it became clear that some of the additional flags and code pointers that MBF offered brought significant advantages to the project. Grain of Salt had originally started out with the aim of keeping everything within the confines of limit-removing, but when Ribbiks joined the project, they soon upgraded it to Boom-compatible.

The jump mechanic is created by replacing the pistol with an infinite ammo weapon that fires a zero-velocity projectile which in turn immediately calls A_VileAttack. Since the projectile at this moment shares its position with the player, the resulting blast launches the player upwards and deals damage, just like during a regular arch-vile attack. To mask the received damage, the status bar is blanked out and the pain palette graphics are deactivated, while the player is given an extremely high amount of health (231=2147483648), rendering them effectively invulnerable. Because the jump is activated by pressing the fire button, it can be triggered mid-air, similar to how a double-jump functions in many platform games. Once a jump is activated, a gauge, containing a green bar that quickly depletes, is shown on-screen for about 1.1 seconds and then disappears again, during which time the player can not activate another jump.
There are two types of gems that can be collected in each map: the larger variant counts towards the kill percentage, while the smaller ones count towards the item percentage instead. Large gems can be positioned on the floor or float in mid-air; they replace monsters and decorations that have the MBF TOUCHY flag set, which causes them to die upon making contact with the player. They also have their death state coupled with MBF's LineEffect action to trigger specific events only once a certain number of gems in a map have been collected, with several maps in the set requiring the player to collect a minimum number of big gems before they can exit the level. Apart from that, collecting either sort of gem is entirely optional.
Jump Orbs
These are small fire crystals that explode upon making contact with the player, launching them upwards. They are repurposed lost souls that have MBF's TOUCHY flag set. When the player touches them, they are killed and call A_VileAttack in their death frames, resulting in a blast that propels the player upwards. Afterwards, a new Jump Orb is spawned in the same position using MBF's A_SPAWN codepointer. This effect required the lost soul specifically since they are the only monster in the game that doesn't drop to the ground upon dying, ensuring that the new Jump Orb spawns in the exact position as the previous one.
Meteors are black stones engulfed in green flames that function as obstacles, flying in a straight line just above the ground and having to be jumped over or maneuvered around to avoid making contact with them, which will otherwise result in the meteors exploding, pushing the player violently backwards. The great force with which the player is thrust back is caused by the meteor calling A_Explode four times in a row on its initial death frame, resulting in the horizontal thrust of the explosion being greatly increased. The meteors themselves are modified barrels turned into zero-velocity projectiles that are being spawned by a meteor launcher (modified Evil Eye) and then set into motion through Boom's linedef action 253 - Scroll Floor, Move Things. This would normally only affect objects on the ground; however, this is overcome by making use of Boom's linedef action 242 - Create Fake Ceiling And Floor; applying it to the sector with the meteor launcher in it creates a fake floor above the normal one, which results in all objects below this fake floor being now affected by the floor-scrolling line action, including projectiles and flying objects, thus propelling the meteors forward in the direction of the scrolling floor. The meteor launcher itself is activated through another custom mobj, a modified burning barrel that constantly deals blast damage by calling A_Explode at every tic. The burning barrel is positioned behind the meteor launcher and triggers the launcher's pain state (which is set to 100%, meaning any received damage is guaranteed to trigger it), which in turn spawns a meteor. In order to control the spawn rate of meteors, a wall between the launcher and the modified burning barrel is by default closed, shielding the launcher from the blast damage, and then rapidly opened and closed again at specific intervals through the use of voodoo dolls inside out-of-bounds conveyor belt closets.
The snow effect is created by invisible ceiling-spawning custom enemies (replacing the zombieman) that fire near zero-velocity projectiles that are affected by gravity, and as a result, rain from the ceiling to the ground. Because each snowflake is a separate projectile, large numbers of them on-screen can be quite CPU-intensive, which is the reason for the option at start-up to decrease their density in a map.
The Eternal Golden Flame
The Eternal Golden flame is an item that can be found in each map, although collecting it does not affect level stats or progression in any way; it is a purely optional item. Most maps have three possible spawn locations for the flame, and at level start-up, the flame will teleport randomly to one of those. The locations are often hidden from sight in out-of-the-way places, and while all of them can be reached, some require highly precise jumps to get to.


Current records[edit]

The DSDA episode records for Jumpwad are:

Run Time Player Date File Notes
UV max run 2:04:48 akolai 2022-07-09 jumpallm20448.zip

The data was last verified in its entirety on October 15, 2022.

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