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Junction is a level in Doom RPG.


The junction is a hub, allowing the player to travel between the various sectors of the game.


Map of Junction
Map of Junction after it is overrun by demons.


  1. Go north, then west and south through the yellow door.
  2. Play Sector 1.
  3. Play Sector 2.
  4. Play Sector 3.
  5. Go east and north through the green door.
  6. Play Sector 4.
  7. Play Sector 5.
  8. Go to the east wing of the map and north through the blue door.
  9. Play Sector 6.
  10. Play Sector 7.

Post invasion

In Sector 7, the base is overrun by a second wave of hellspawn. The Junction radically changes as a result. This is the walkthrough for the destroyed junction.

  1. Go west, following the corridor through the blue door.
  2. Go south through the red door and talk to Dr. Kelvin.
  3. Go back west through the red door and talk to the marine. He transforms into a chaingunner.
  4. Kill the chaingunner and go west twice to the area with the yellow and green doors.
  5. Go north through the green door.
  6. Go north through the destroyed area of wall. Extinguish fires that may block your way.
  7. Talk to the civilian until he is killed. Follow the path to the northeast.
  8. The path curves down to the southeast. Continue following it.
  9. Extinguish the fires and go through the destroyed area of wall. Talk to Dr. Jensen.
  10. After Jensen dies, go back to the red door in the east wing. Talk to Kelvin again.
  11. Use the computer console and enter the code 5966 to open the door to the Reactor.
  12. Kill the Lost souls and go east to exit to the Reactor.


  • 3 total: 24,26 - 26,26 - 10,9
  • 0112358 is the code to the super secret door in the post invasion destroyed junction. These are the first 7 digits of the Fibonacci sequence


  • 3 secrets
  • 44 monsters

Map data[edit]


  • Bonus Room


After the Junction is overrun, one of the scientists says, "I'm knee-deep in the dead," a reference to the first episode of classic Doom.