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Justin Fisher (alias Harlequin) is the principal author of Aliens TC, the first total conversion mod for Doom, the term possibly being coined by Fisher himself. He is notable as the author of one of the few Doom modifications to gain widespread recognition in mainstream media and gaming press. In the week after the release of Doom II, there was more discussion about Aliens TC on Usenet than the new sequel.

In 1996 he worked on a never-completed total conversion titled Nemisis Experiment that included a level reminiscent of M. C. Escher's gravity-defying lithograph Relativity. The custom sprites, textures, and two weapons created for the TC appeared on a CD included with design guide 3D Game Alchemy printed by Sams Publishing. The resources could be used by level designers for non-commercial purposes. In 2005, Justin's unfinished Nemisis Experiment PWAD was uploaded to the idgames archive by Grazza.

Due to the success of Aliens TC, Fisher was offered jobs by several game development studios which he declined to finish his then-ongoing education. He went on to mod for other games including Quake, and eventually worked professionally in the game industry, including a position at Mad Genius Software (archived 🏛).

Body of work[edit]



  • Nemisis Experiment (Doomworld/idgames)
  • 3D Game Alchemy Graphics Library (archive.org)
    • sprites
    • textures
    • weapons
      • twin miniguns
      • green gauntlets with blade attachment

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