KDX Server Reporter

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The KDX Server Reporter

The KDX Server Reporter is a daemon service announcing hosted games to The Universal Master Server (UMS). To keep the entry of the hosted game server alive, the Server Reporter service sends continuously heartbeats to UMS. The game server list, which is maintained that way by UMS, can be fetched using a tool like the KDX Game Browser. Technically, that UMS list is consisting of IP addresses, which then are simply used by the Game Browser to query the corresponding game server hosts. On that game server hosts, the Server Reporter listens for these queries to respond to them with details about the hosted games, such as source port, IWAD, PWAD, Level, deathmatch game mode. The KDX Server Reporter was available in a few different variations, one implemented an additional launcher, so game servers could be set up quick and easy using a GUI. The program has been developed as part of The King Doom Experience family of Doom related utilities by Christian Caldarone around the years 2001/2002.