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Kadingir Sanctum

The Kadingir Sanctum, also referred to as the Blood Keep, is the sixth level of Doom (2016). It is the first area of Hell which is visited in the game after Olivia Pierce uses an Argent accumulator to rip open a permanent portal to the demons' dimension at the Argent Energy Tower. The Doom marine is pulled into the rift shortly after her, and ends up near the place he was imprisoned by the demons and subsequently found by the UAC. The sixth mission, Into the Fire, takes place here. A barren landscape of craggy rocks and deep caverns is punctuated by portals which require skull keys to be opened.

"The Hell portal is now open back on Mars. Lost in the Hell dimension, you are unable to stop the demons from absorbing our world. Kill everything you see and find a way back to Mars."
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Kadingir Sanctum is an array of tunnels, catacombs, and temples connecting the Umbral Plains to the Great Steppe. It is referred to as a place of both worship and vilification - both the heroes and the enemies of Hell can be found entombed within this region.

Many important artifacts were discovered and returned to Mars via Project Lazarus Manned Expedition 2145/128. All human life was lost in the recovery of these artifacts, and the records were then sealed, with the artifacts being spirited away quickly to the top-secret Lazarus Labs. The records concerning these artifacts, and the artifacts themselves, disappeared shortly afterwards and are presumed lost.

Mission 06: Into the Fire[edit]

After being pulled into the Hell portal created by Olivia Pierce, the Doom marine must find a way back to Mars in order to close the portal and stop Hell's armies coming through. Realising he has been deposited near the place where he was entombed, the Doom marine heads to that location; on the way, he finds monoliths detailing his crusade through Hell and echo recordings of a journey made by Samuel Hayden into Hell. Eventually the marine reaches the chamber where his sarcophagus was stored and sees a recording of Hayden examining it; he then activates a portal leading back to Mars.


A detailed walkthrough is available for this level.


Kill Olivia Pierce
Get back to Mars
Find the exit portal marked by the UAC


Dead Man Stalking
Earn four Praetor tokens.
Refer to the "Other items" section of the walkthrough for information on finding the elite guards.
Momentum Swing
Kill ten demons while using power-ups.
Sweep the Leg
Perform four "Leg Sweep" glory kills on the Hell razer (attack right leg).
Attacking from the razer's right side while aiming at the right leg is recommended.

Special items[edit]

Item Amount
Argent cells 1
Combat support drones 1
Praetor tokens 4
Rune trials 2
Secrets 6
Datapads 4

Areas / screenshots[edit]

Secret prophecies[edit]

Near the third Slayer's Testament rune, a whispering voice can be heard seemingly emanating from a nearby tree. This low, distorted, almost unintelligible voice speaks four different prophecies:[1]

  • "Could he be demon kin, spawned from the loin of a grotesque infidel? Yet, the seal of the heretic binds him. His origin is as dark as his coming."
  • "The power held within the Crucible will punish man-born and demon kin alike. It will crush the divide. It will corrupt all realms. It will create the monster. It must never be found."
  • "Yet even as the Doom Slayer revels in the spoils of his war, another shall rise from the fires: a dark priest consumed by the Crucible. And even the Doom Slayer shall weep in his shadow."
  • "The heretic-turned-apostle Olivia, birthed of the dawn of our resurrection, by her hand we cross the divide. And for her tribute, she shall be granted the form of the Dread Widow."


Bird's-eye view of column formation.
  • The location in or near Kadingir where the Doom marine was imprisoned is called the Blood Keep. This location shares its name with MAP16: Blood Keep from Doom 64.
  • The final arena of this level is additionally designed after the beginning area of MAP17: Watch Your Step, also from Doom 64.[2] Similarities include the Stonehenge-like pillar layout with overlapping crossbars at different vertical levels,[3] and the nature of the battle which takes place there as well - enemies continue to appear in shortly spread-out waves which increase in strength by varying the type of monster, starting with imps and culminating with barons of Hell. Other similarities not confirmed by the map's author include the color of the sky in both areas, and the relative positions of their exits compared to the temple structure.
  • The name Kadingir Sanctum could be a reference to the Sumerian name of the city of Babylon, KÁ.DINGIR.RAKI, meaning "Gate of God."
  • The room containing the second Slayer's Testament has a wall with a demonic face and a pentagram. This is reminiscent of the MARBFACE texture from the original Doom games.
  • A skull wearing Commander Keen's helmet can be found inside a small cave with a secret chaingun.
  • By the lever that opens the classic level area, sitting behind a stalagmite, is a corpse wearing a horned helmet with an arrow in its right knee. This is a reference to a meme introduced by The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.


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