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Kadingir Sanctum

This page contains a detailed walkthrough for Kadingir Sanctum, the sixth level of Doom (2016).



Kill Olivia Pierce
Get back to Mars
Find the exit portal marked by the UAC


Follow the path to a skull switch and push it to open the gate, then head forward until you see an echo recording of Samuel Hayden and some UAC soldiers; they will mention a portal device at "the Tomb". Turn left and head down a slope before jumping down to a ledge with some Unwilling, then jump to a ledge behind you to find a Gauss cannon sitting on a UAC box. Go up the staircase behind you to confront imps along with a Hell razer, a Hell knight and a revenant then look for a partially-eaten demon corpse; there is a slope nearby leading down to an arena with more of the same opponents as well as mancubi. Once the arena is clear a gate will open nearby; follow the objective marker to a skull switch and press it to open a second gate that you can see through the window, then go through it to find the yellow skull. Backtrack to the area with the demon corpse and climb up a staircase leading to the yellow door, then use the skull to open it and reveal an elite guard along with a monolith that reveals more information about the Doom marine.

Head up the slope to get back outside and dispose of some imps and Unwilling, then drop into an arena with a T-shaped bridge where you will face knights and summoners. Once the arena is clear, head along the bridge and go through an open door to find yourself above the pit where you encountered the first group of Unwilling; some platforms will rise and allow you to climb up to a skull switch, which will open a wooden door that you can see below. Jump down to the door and kill the Unwilling waiting behind it, then step into a green teleporter to be transported to a passage containing the blue skull; pick it up to open a gate leading back to the demon corpse you saw earlier. Kill the imps that teleport in then go back down to the arena where you found the yellow skull, where a quad damage powerup has appeared along with a cacodemon; keep your distance to avoid its projectiles, then dispose of the knights and revenants that follow it. Once the arena has been cleared, climb up to the blue door and use the skull to open it then follow the tunnel until you get to a walkway guarded by Unwilling and a mancubus.

Press on to a plateau that is guarded by imps as well as lost souls; shoot them down before they charge at you and explode, then deal with the mancubus that tries to ambush you from behind. Turn right and walk to an outcrop then jump across to a floating platform where you will face more lost souls and a razer, then climb up to the razer's ledge to find a short tunnel leading upwards through a large rock structure. When you get back outside, kill two approaching cacodemons then jump across some more floating platforms to a skull switch that will open a large gate just behind it. Go through the gate to a blood pit guarded by imps, lost souls and razers followed by knights and revenants; there is a Haste powerup in a tunnel on the bottom floor that may be useful to you. Once the pit is clear of demons, climb up to the top floor and head up a curved staircase to find a combat support drone then turn right and head down to a temple entrance under a large skull; you will see another echo recording as you enter. Head through the next door and go up the slope on your right to find a baron of Hell fighting with some knights and Unwilling; kill the baron before it notices you, then turn your attention to a summoner and a second baron that enter the fray, followed by lost souls and a third baron - there is a quad damage powerup in the area that you can use to help you.

Once all the enemies are killed, head through the large door near where the summoner appeared and go down a bone-lined slope to kill some Unwilling and lost souls, then head up a staircase and look left to see a mancubus and revenants below that you can snipe with the Gauss cannon. Jump down to their platform and look left to slay two approaching cacodemons, then carefully cross over to the staircase they appeared at before continuing onwards and upwards past some Unwilling to find another monolith. Turn right at this point and head up to find some imps and Unwilling fighting each other, then push past them and follow the green light poles to a doorway with a tunnel behind it. Follow the tunnel until you get back outside then jump down some chained platforms to reach the final arena, which initially contains imps, razers and knights followed by revenants, mancubi and two barons. After all the demons have been killed, go up to the very top of the arena to find the entrance to the Doom marine's tomb and step inside it to see another echo recording; once this ends, use the computer panel to activate a portal back to Mars and automatically finish the level.

Classic level[edit]

After clearing the first baron encounter, you will see a small dark cavern; enter this cavern to find a lever and pull it, then go back down to the floor below and enter a large bloody trench; you will see that a wall next to an archway has opened revealing the middle "finger" from Doom's E3M2: Slough of Despair. Press the two skull buttons at the end of the passage to reveal a supercharge (which is actually a mega health pickup) and a plasma rifle.


Dead Man Stalking
Earn four Praetor tokens.
Refer to the "Other items" section below for information on finding the elite guards.
Momentum Swing
Kill ten demons while using power-ups.
Sweep the Leg
Perform four "Leg Sweep" glory kills on the Hell razer (attack right leg).
Attacking from the razer's right side while aiming at the right leg is recommended.


After climbing up a staircase near the start to deal with some imps, look left and climb up some stepped rocks to reach a secret chestplate pickup.

When you get to the plateau with the first lost souls, a mancubus will jump up from a ledge below to ambush you from behind. At one end of this ledge is an invulnerability powerup, and at the other end is a small yellow-lit cavern containing a secret chaingun as well as a skull wearing Commander Keen's helmet.


Picture Name Unlocks model How to find
Astroguy Revenant Next to the first echo recording is a large wooden door; later in the level you will climb up to a skull switch that opens this door, revealing a green teleporter. Do not enter the teleporter immediately, but turn right to see a passage leading to Astroguy.
Redguy Mancubus From the blood pit, you will need to climb up a curved staircase that has an archway to continue the level; Redguy is on a flat rock just behind the archway. After reaching the top of the staircase, turn round and walk along the ledge above the staircase, from where you can jump down to Redguy's position.

Other items[edit]

After reaching the large blood pit and killing all the enemies, a wooden door on the top floor will open revealing a mancubus. The automap station can also be found behind this door.

Item How to find
Rune trial #1 This trial stone can be found in a passage above the blue door; you can reach it by climbing on a chained platform in the arena holding the yellow skull. Completing the trial unlocks the Savagery rune.
Elite guard #1 Just past the yellow door.
Monolith #1 (Artifacts - Slayer's Testament #1) This is found next to the first elite guard.
Argent cell After going through the blue door, round the corner and immediately turn right to see the cell container in front of you.
Elite guard #2 After clearing the second group of lost souls you will enter a tunnel guarded by a razer. At the end of the tunnel, turn right to find the elite guard.
Monolith #2 (Artifacts - Slayer's Testament #2) After clearing the enemies in the blood pit, a small gate with a green teleporter behind it will open on the top level. Step into this teleporter to enter a room containing a monolith.
Datapad #1 (Environments - Kadingir Sanctum #2) From the room containing the second monolith, head down some stairs to find this datapad at the bottom.
Elite guard #3 From the first datapad, turn right to see an elite guard in front of you.
Rune trial #2 After clearing out the blood pit, head into a doorway opposite the large staircase you have to go up to find a trial stone. Completing the trial unlocks the Seek and Destroy rune.
Combat support drone From the blood pit, head up a long staircase then turn left at the top to see the drone in front of you.
Datapad #2 (Artifacts - Doom Marine #2) Next to the combat support drone.
Datapad #3 (Monsters - Mancubus #2) After the first baron encounter you will have to cross some floating platforms over a void. At the end of this section you will face two cacodemons by a staircase; the datapad is at the top of these stairs.
Monolith #3 (Artifacts - Slayer's Testament #3) After passing the floating platforms beyond the first baron encounter, climb up two more flights of stairs to reach some Unwilling. The monolith is just past this point.
Elite guard #4 From the third monolith, head upwards to find some infighting imps and Unwilling. The elite guard is leaning against a pile of bones in this area.
Datapad #4 (UAC Personnel - Olivia Pierce #1) From the fourth elite guard, continue following the path into another tunnel and follow it until you find the datapad sitting in front of you.

Arcade Mode[edit]

In Arcade Mode you will start from just after the first echo recording and finish in the marine's tomb.


  1. In the yellow key arena.
  2. Floating above the second arena with the T-shaped bridge.
  3. Flying in a circle around the bottom of the blood pit.
  4. Hovering above the first baron encounter.
  5. In the area with imps and Unwilling, shortly before the final arena.
  6. At the bottom level of the final arena.


  1. A collectible can be found above the yellow key arena, which you can reach by jumping from the area with the partially-eaten demon corpse.
  2. As soon as you walk through the large gate to the blood pit, double-jump to a chained platform in front of you (jumping over a couple of lost souls), then jump to the collectible in front of you.

Tips and tricks[edit]

  • A jump pad is added which will propel you straight to the switch that opens the door to the blue key teleporter.