Kate Fox

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Kate Fox, also infrequently known as Pink Silver, was a Doom mapper and modder that came into the community primarily through the discovery of the ZDoom source port in the end of 2002. She was a frequent user of ZDoom's forums until the end of 2014. She passed away on December 19, 2017.


Kate programmed a small number of DECORATE features for ZDoom, like A_LookEx, an action function that allows customized LOS-search behavior for monsters. She also made source contributions to the Eternity Engine, mainly having maintained a FreeBSD port for a while. Her last programming highlight was PyDoom, which is a source port of Doom to the Python scripting language.

Other contributions[edit]

She contributed multiplayer testing (and scripting for E1M9) of Knee-Deep in ZDoom, long before its ultimately delayed release, and is known within the community for having infrequently released GZDoom gameplay mods that entirely change Doom's core mechanics in various ways.

For the Doomworld Mega Project 2013 she created her only known map, MAP09: Language Barrier.


  • A_RandomMod (Doomworld Forums) - A gameplay mod that imposes events (mocking the wide variety of DECORATE actions available in ZDoom) that rapidly and wildly change core game mechanics on a whim of a random number generator.
  • Error: Doom (ZDoom Forums) - A Serious Sam-style gameplay mod that changes weapons, adds customizability options, and allows the generation of monster hordes from single monsters on a level.
  • Pokémon Doom: Titanium (ZDoom Forums) (Gameplay video) - A gameplay mod that turns Doom monsters into Pokémon to fight for you, effectively turning the game into a first-person realtime strategy.
  • The Teleportal (ZDoom Forums) - A multiplayer-friendly Portal Gun, which grants the ability for players to fluidly teleport anywhere.