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Kenneth Scott is a Canadian artist and former employee of id Software. He was hired in 1998 to work on model skins for Quake III Arena and Quake III: Team Arena, and was later promoted to lead artist on Doom 3.

Kenneth grew up in Calgary, Alberta and briefly attended art school. Already working as a freelance illustrator, he got his start in game design working on community-made PWADs for Doom and Doom II. In 1996 he uploaded status bar and sound replacements to the idgames archive, one featuring comic book superhero The Tick. In 1997 he also designed 3-level deathmatch set Remorse.

His first professional game industry role was for Banjo Software, creating artwork for commercial Doom II total conversion Hacx. He notably oil-painted and then digitized the game's cover art and title screen, along with drawing sprites for new custom weapons and enemies including the mutant alien Phage. To create monster sprites, he used techniques similar to id Software's Adrian Carmack who sculpted models out of clay and then cleaned up photos taken at multiple angles. Kenneth built the models in plasticine, captured photos with a webcam, and used Corel Photopaint to pixel-by-pixel adjust the images for Doom's palette.[1]

Kenneth moved onto modding Quake, creating Quakeworld player skins and running his web site Skinforge. His Doom marine replacement skin for Quakeworld won "Best Individual Skin of 1997" in one community-voted poll. His Quake engine artwork gained attention of game studio Ion Storm in Dallas and through a reference from old Doom community member Sverre Kvernmo[2], he was hired to work on John Romero's Daikatana.

After internal upheaval at Ion Storm, in 1999 Kenneth Scott ended up being hired by id Software to create artwork for new title Quake III Arena and its expansion Team Arena. As id's lead artist he made significant contributions to Doom 3, creating the bulk of the character and monster modelling.[3]

In 2008 he left id Software for an art director role at 343 Industries, working on Halo 4.[4] After Halo 4's release, in 2014 he joined former id boss John Carmack at Oculus VR.[5]

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