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The keymaster is a character in Strife. He is in the borderlands, inside a small room next to the entrance to the commons.

He is voiced by Peter Morgan (IMDb).

Spoiler Warning: Plot details follow.

The player cannot enter his room until they have met the Oracle. It will give the player the Oracle pass as a token to the keymaster so that he would give the Military ID to the player. With the key, the player can make their way to the Bishop's fortress. The keymaster has no further role in the game. He appears as a young man with pride in his job, which the Strifeguy, judging by the primary replies, clearly finds annoying.

Strife quests and people

Game over

  • Killing Derwin [bloody] OR
  • Destroying the power coupling [messy] (MacGuffin)
  • Bringing Weran a uniform
  • Finding the control device

Branch 1

Branch 2
  • Killing the Oracle [S 3]
  • Destroying the acolyte converter (Richter)
  • Killing Macil [S 4]
  • Killing the Loremaster [S 5]
  • Killing the Entity
Spoilers end here.


  • According to the internal name of the Keymaster's dialog portrait, his real name is Kevin.