The Hacx kick in action

The kick in Hacx is a replacement for the fists in Doom, and is the standard melee attack in the game, delivering a powerful kick to any enemy or destructible prop. Compared to the Doom fist, it has a higher attack speed. Picking up a 007Microtel will give the kick immense power throughout the whole level.

In Hacx 2.0, the kick was also added as a secondary fire action. This means that the player can deploy a kick anytime they want alongside whatever weapon they are using without switching to slot 1.


Kick data
Weapon number 1
Damage 2-20 (20-200 with 007Microtel)
Included ammo Infinite
Shot type Hitscan
Shots per minute ? kicks
Appears in Hacx
Sprite PUNG (wielded)
PUFF (impact, miss)
BLUD (impact, hit)
Class Weapon
Weapons from Hacx
Slot: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
Kick Pistol Tazer Uzi Photon 'zooka Stick Nuker
Hoig Reznator Cryogun