Kim Roar Foldøy Hauge (Zokum)


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Kim Roar Foldøy Hauge (alias Zokum) is a Norwegian programmer best known for his node/blockmap/reject builder ZokumBSP. He has also maintained several Doom related IRC channels on EFNet for over 20 years. As part of this he has updated the Incubot IRC bot with new features, better help files, and a greatly increased seen database. The Incubot or derivatives is still used in several Quake related IRC channels. At infrequent times people who have not been active in the community for some time, join these old Doom channels in search for information and old friends. An id Software employee visited #doom3 in conjunction with the leaked alpha version.

Body of work[edit]




  • Block Rocking Bytes (downloads (archived 🏛))

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  • (contains updated ZokumBSP web pages)
  • Homepage (subpages need to have https added)