Kinetic mine


The kinetic mine ready to be equipped.

The kinetic mine is a multiplayer-only equipment item and weapon initially added to Doom (2016) as part of the Unto the Evil downloadable content pack. It is a form of bouncing mine with a beam-based tripwire. By throwing it onto a floor or wall, the player can do damage to unsuspecting opponents who later run by the device. Other targets may also be caught in the ensuing blast.

"A proximity mine that can attach to most surfaces. When triggered, it launches toward its target and detonates."
― Equipment menu description

Tactical analysis[edit]

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Since update v6.66, the kinetic mine is available to all players, and is unlocked through player progression at level 42. It is the last equipment item to be unlocked.

Like all side-arm equipment items, the kinetic mine has unlimited uses, and is balanced by its cooldown timer.