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Klooni is a mod for Wolfenstein 3D created by KFH Games released on December 8, 2007 for MS DOS. The intent of the mod is a recasting of DOOM from within the Wolfenstein 3D engine. This includes all the graphics, sounds and music and even the adoption of the game's pallete, requiring a higher resolution than stock Wolfenstein. Most essential features from DOOM are present, within the limitations of the engine, most notably doors opening vertically. The mod features 60 standard levels, with a few map packs also later produced called Demonoid, Earth Anomaly and Excursion to Erebus. The most recent version was released on March 17, 2012, which is based on the Wolf4SDL source port. Unlike the similar DOOM: Legions of Hell, the game requires a valid WAD file from either Doom II: Hell on Earth or Final Doom to launch.

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