kmxexii is an American reviewer and the handle for the author of ONEMANDOOM: WAD Reviews, a blog focused on discussing WADs for Doom and games related to the Doom engine. A member of the Doomworld community, he was a contributing writer for the Cacowards from 2012 to 2017.

kmxexii has been a writer and reviewer for the Doom community since mid 2010. He started his reviewing series by playing Cacoward winners and notable megawads, then moving unto author careers and so on. With over 900 WAD reviews on the ONEMANDOOM: WAD Reviews blog across the classic Doom games and related, kmxexii is one of the most prolific and active reviewers in the history of the community. To avoid burnout, he takes month-long breaks to focus on other topics, yet despite this, he has continuously contributed for years, with multiple WAD reviews each year since 2010.

His style is characterized by long-form, analytical and detailed reviews, usually making contextualized retrospectives of the author's history or the influence of the reviewed WAD, showcasing the in-game history (if there are) and analyzing the positive and negative factors he encounters. For short or single-level WADs, he usually writes highly detailed in-depth reviews that fully study the level. For multilevel WADs, such as megawads, he also creates complete lists where he provides reviews for each map. All his reviews are complemented with screenshots.

He also maintains a thorough review database in an effort to compile different websites, authors and reviewers across the Doom community.[1]


  • The name kmxexii, comes from the song KMX E XII Opus 3, by the French rock band Magma.
  • The Doom Master Wadazine created the KMXEXII Honorary Award in his name as a tribute.

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