Last Man Standing


For the Doom 3 mod, see Last Man Standing (Doom 3 mod).
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Last Man Standing (commonly known LMS for short) is the name of a popular game mode for multiplayer Doom source ports, present in Zandronum, ZDaemon, and Odamex. It is similar to the classic deathmatch mode and is often played on some of the same maps, as the objective remains to kill all opposing players, be in a free for all or a team-based setting. The key difference however is that in Last Man Standing, there are little to no pickups available in the map, and players spawn with all their arsenal and 200% health and armor. Because there is no respawning in this mode, this means that the objective of the map is to be the last surviving player in a match where all players start off with significant strengths. Because of this, LMS maps are best played on large, non-linear maps, and several mappacks specifically designed for LMS have been created.