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Lazarus Labs

The Lazarus Labs is the ninth level of Doom (2016). It is the center of Hell studies at the UAC Mars Base, a location where experiments were carried out on captured demons and where most of the artifacts taken from Hell, including the Helix Stone, were stored. Olivia Pierce, as Head of Biomechanical Research, had sole oversight over all projects undertaken in the Lazarus Labs. The ninth mission, also simply called Lazarus, takes place here.

"You are at the heart of the UAC occult - the Lazarus Labs. This is where Olivia released the demons from their cells and activated the Lazarus Wave, turning UAC personnel into the unwilling Possessed. You're in search of her private offices where the Helix Stone is stored. Unlock the secrets of this sacred artifact to find out how to shut down the Well - the Argent Tower's energy source in Hell."
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The Lazarus Labs are a sub-division of the Advanced Research Complex accessible only to those with the highest clearance level. It is an underground complex with high security, preventing both infiltration by outsiders and exfiltration of information from insiders. Members of the UAC working in the Lazarus Labs are stated to be highly secretive, and little information is available to outsiders of what goes on within the facility. All anomalies and artifacts from other dimensions are sent immediately to the Lazarus Labs for research, and will generally remain there. Promotion to the Lazarus Labs is considered a great honor, even though those being promoted do not understand in advance what they will be doing there.

Mission 09: Lazarus[edit]

To find information on closing down the Well, the Doom marine proceeds down to the Lazarus Labs in search of the Helix Stone, kept inside Olivia Pierce's private archive. Activating the stone triggers a psychic vision relating to a demonic artifact which Samuel Hayden identifies as the Crucible; VEGA confirms that it is located in an uncharted region of the Titan's Realm, but getting there requires rupturing another Argent accumulator to create a portal and the only remaining accumulator is stored in "Specimen CD587". Samuel is apparently amused by this revelation and states that the marine will have to "remove" the accumulator. The marine fights his way through the lower levels of the facility until he discovers the Lazarus Project's most dangerous creation - a heavily-armed Baalgar demon known as the "cyberdemon", which is powered by the accumulator that the marine needs. After ripping out the accumulator and using it to transport himself into Hell, the marine finishes off the cyberdemon and proceeds to the Titan's Realm.


A detailed walkthrough is available for this level.


Shut down the portal
Access the Helix Stone


Variety is the Spice of Death II
Perform five different glory kills on possessed soldiers.
Possessed security and Hell razers count towards this challenge as well; approach enemies from different angles, including from above, to trigger different glory kills.
Thread the Needle
Kill eight demons with a single shot.
The BFG-9000 will easily complete this challenge if fired into an area full of enemies.
Time Well Spent
Play a game of Demon Destruction.
This game can be found on a computer in Olivia's office.

Special items[edit]

Item Amount
Argent cells 1
Combat support drones 1
Praetor tokens 4
Rune trials 2
Secrets 9
Datapads 5

Areas / screenshots[edit]


  • The name Lazarus is taken from a story in the Bible which describes the death of Lazarus of Bethany and his subsequent miraculous resurrection by Jesus.[1] The use of this name by the UAC is thus sacrilegious and a crude mockery of its scriptural origins, considering that a chief focus of the Lazarus Project is the reanimation of dead demons.
  • This level is actually divided into two parts, with a loading screen between them - the first part covers the start of the level until the elevator leading to the Helix Stone archive, and the second part covers everything from the archive to the cyberdemon's pen. When playing this level for the first time, the loading screen is replaced with a psychic vision of Olivia and the Spider Mastermind.


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