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Lazarus Labs

This page contains a detailed walkthrough for Lazarus Labs, the ninth level of Doom (2016).



Shut down the portal
Access the Helix Stone


Lazarus facility[edit]

Once the elevator reaches its destination, step out and use the health station in front of you if necessary then go through the door next to it to see an echo recording. Head through the next door and collect a box of siphon grenades then drop down the elevator shaft in front of you to reach the floor below where possessed scientists are waiting along with other enemies. Follow the passage to another elevator shaft with an imp corpse stuck inside it and pull the legs out to raise the elevator and allow some more imps to climb out of the hole, then drop into the hole yourself and pull the vent covering away to reveal a small tunnel leading down to an arena. Kill the imps, scientists and revenant waiting in this area then attack the gore nest to attract lots more imps along with revenants, possessed soldiers and a mancubus; use the Haste powerup above the suspended block in this arena to boost your firing speed for a short time. Once the arena is clear a door will open and release some more scientists; go through that door and kill an imp waiting behind a narrow doorway then climb up to a maintenance door leading to a curved bridge.

Follow the bridge to another maintenance door with a combat support drone and a box of holograms behind it, then climb through the ceiling hole above you and head through two more doors to a curved passage containing scientists. Follow the passage round and kill two soldiers and a Hell knight that burst through a door ahead, then head up the stairs behind this door and continue on to a curved tunnel with more possessed enemies to kill. Go through the door at the end of the tunnel and push past some soldiers to a medical bay, then continue on to a passage with a floor hatch that leads down to another arena containing imps and soldiers followed by mancubi and knights; use the quad damage powerup in this arena to help you. Once all the enemies are killed, head down either of the green-lit staircases near the dissection table and follow the tunnels to a split door that you must squeeze through. Behind this door is a hall with scientists that will be joined by pinkies, and once they are dead you will have to contend with more pinkies as well as imps. Once the hall is clear, press the panel next to the door at the opposite end of the hall to open it and reveal an elevator leading down to Olivia's archives.

Olivia's archive[edit]

Step out of the elevator and head forward to the Helix Stone chamber, which is protected by a forcefield. Go up the stairs and follow the trail of armor shards to a curved desk with a computer panel that will unlock the door to Olivia's office behind you, then go inside and use the panel by the hologram of the Slayer's sarcophagus to lift the security lockouts. Go back to the Helix Stone and use the panel underneath it to activate the artifact and trigger a cutscene; once this ends you will have to fight off a contingent of imps joined by a knight, a mancubus and a cacodemon. Killing all the enemies will reveal a curved staircase under the stone; go down it to an unholy chapel with soldiers then head down a tunnel leading to a circular corpse disposal area. Head round the walkway to a panel that will lower a maintenance hatch, then climb on the hatch as it descends and let it carry you up to an overhead vent which you can follow to a maintenance door.

Open the door and kill the possessed enemies behind it then turn right and head into a tunnel with some armor shards as well as a couple of scientists. Follow the path to a security station and use it to close the large portal in front of you, then go through the doors behind you to an employee lounge guarded by the possessed as well as some imps. Drop down to the floor below to find a small doorway marked "EXIT" and go through it to find a tunnel leading down to a circular pit; drop into the pit then turn right and follow the wide passage in front of you to a blue portal which will take you to the arena on the floor above, where you will face a multitude of imps along with soldiers and several other species of demon. Use the Haste and quad damage pickups in the arena to even the odds, and once all the enemies are dead look for a large gate that opens at the back of the arena. Jump over the railing and enter the circular elevator in front of you; once it reaches its destination, grab the supplies in front of you and open the large door ahead to confront the cyberdemon.


The cyberdemon is capable of launching rapid-fire rockets from the launcher attached to its left arm, as well as launching a cluster of missiles from its back that will fall on the arena after a few seconds - use the glowing circles on the floor to anticipate where they will land. The arm launcher can also be used to fire an energy beam; this takes a few seconds to charge and the cyberdemon tries to anticipate where you will go, so move away at the last second to throw off its aim. The cyberdemon can also dash at your position, and stomp its foot to create a shockwave if you get too close. Fire all of your heaviest weapons into the cyberdemon starting with the BFG-9000; the cyberdemon will periodically drop more ammo as it loses health. Once its health bar is depleted, perform a glory kill on the demon to pull out its Argent accumulator and transport yourself into Hell.

A burst of lightning will now recharge the cyberdemon and you will have to deplete its health bar for a second time. The cyberdemon retains its previous attacks but can now trap you between two stone walls before throwing energy waves from the blade attached to its right arm; these waves always follow a low-high-low pattern so make sure you jump the first and last waves while crouching the second. The cyberdemon can also throw energy waves when out in the open, in which case you may be able to sidestep the waves instead. Once the cyberdemon runs out of health, approach it and perform another glory kill to finish it off. Once the cyberdemon is dead, head through the large gate that opens and step on the red teleporter behind it to finish the level.

Classic level[edit]

When you reach the corpse disposal room past the chapel, go down the stairs and look behind the pillar on your right to see a lever; pull it then drop down the hole in the middle of the room to find that one of the walls has opened revealing the starting area of Doom's E2M8: Tower of Babel, though there is nothing to interact with here.


Variety is the Spice of Death II
Perform five different glory kills on possessed soldiers.
Possessed security and Hell razers count towards this challenge as well; approach enemies from different angles, including from above, to trigger different glory kills.
Thread the Needle
Kill eight demons with a single shot.
The BFG-9000 will easily complete this challenge if fired into an area full of enemies.
Time Well Spent
Play a game of Demon Destruction.
This game can be found on a computer in Olivia's office.


When you reach the second elevator shaft (which is blocked by an imp corpse), walk between the nearby boxes to find a vent opening that leads up to a secret mega health pickup. It will give you an advantage in the arena below.


Picture Name Unlocks model How to find
Eliteguy Olivia Pierce After clearing the third arena with many pinkies, walk behind the second stone tablet on the left-hand wall to find a mega health pickup, then go through the small doorway behind it to find a hidden passage leading up to Eliteguy.
Toxicguy Samuel Hayden On the upper level of the Helix Stone chamber is a red holographic display. Opposite this display is a cabinet with a red light; open it to find Toxicguy inside.

Other items[edit]

Opposite the desk holding the third datapad is a vent covering that you can punch out. Drop down the vent behind it to find a tunnel leading to the automap station.

Item How to find
Datapad #1 (Environments - Lazarus Labs #2) Go through the first door from the start then look left to see the datapad sitting in the window of a glass booth.
Elite guard #1 After clearing the gore nest arena, head through the green-lit door leading out of this area and follow the passage until you climb up to a maintenance door. Do not go through it, but turn round and jump to a wall opening behind you then follow the narrow passage to an elite guard lying next to a chaingun.
Datapad #2 (Database - Elite Guard #2) Lying next to the first elite guard.
Combat support drone At the end of the curved bridge past the gore nest arena.
Datapad #3 (Monsters - Cyberdemon #2) In a curved passage just past the support drone.
Rune trial #1 From the curved passage containing the third datapad, continue on until you climb some stairs. At the top of the stairs you will see a locked door on your left, and in front of it is a floor hatch that can be kicked in. Drop through the hole and follow a small vent up to a rune trial stone, which unlocks the Rich Get Richer rune.
Elite guard #2 After clearing the second arena (with the dissected mancubus), you will have to go down two staircases either side of a large hatch to continue the level. Jump up to the door behind the hatch and press the left-hand panel to open it, revealing an elite guard.
Datapad #4 (UAC Personnel - Olivia Pierce #2) On the desk at the entrance to Olivia's office.
Argent cell By the back wall of Olivia's office.
Elite guard #3 After passing the chapel under the Helix Stone you will enter a circular room with a hole in the middle. Drop down the hole to find an elite guard among some corpses.
Elite guard #4 After using the security station to close the portal, go through the doors behind you to an employee lounge and enter the room on your right. Near the blocked elevator in this room is a vent opening; enter it and drop down to the locked chamber below to find the elite guard.
Rune trial #2 This trial stone is in the same room as the fourth elite guard, and will unlock the Saving Throw rune.
Datapad #5 (Monsters - Cyberdemon #3) At the entrance to the cyberdemon's pen.

Arcade Mode[edit]

In Arcade Mode you will start at the bottom of the first elevator and finish at the circular elevator leading to the cyberdemon's pen. Olivia's lab and the activation of the Helix Stone are skipped; on entering the Helix Stone chamber you will immediately trigger the combat encounter in this area, and completing it will reveal the stairs leading to the chapel.


  1. Above the first arena.
  2. Floating around the dissection laboratory.
  3. Floating around the hall before the elevator to Olivia's lab.
  4. A stationary mine sits on the lower level of the employee lounge.
  5. Floating above the final arena.


  1. A collectible can be found in the room with the dissected mancubus, between the alcoves with preservation tanks. Climb on top of the tanks to reach it.
  2. After the employee lounge you will drop down to a pit with a green light ring. A collectible is above this pit, but you only have one opportunity to grab it.