Life sphere


Life spheres in the Tomb of Souls.

Life spheres are orbs of light that are stated to contain the "memory, intelligence, will, and the essential nature of a being's consciousness." In The Ancient Gods, Part One, much of the plot is centered around the retrieval of the Father and the Dark Lord's life spheres, which are housed in the Tomb of Souls in Hell.


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Early in Urdak's history, the Seraphs invented machines that could remove the life sphere from a being's body, and in the Luminarium, the life sphere can be used to reconstitute that being into physical form. This process was used to resurrect the Khan Maykr each time she died, ever since the first Khan Maykr died in the siege of Kaza-Dur.

The Father chose to extract the life spheres of gods that he considered "flawed" and kept them in the Tomb of Souls in the Ingmore's Sanctum, a last sacred part of Hell that is described as being a fragment of Urdak itself, and the last trace of the once-holy realm of Jekkad. This is also where the Father placed the Dark Lord's life sphere after his defeat, and ultimately, where the Father's own life sphere was kept when he left the physical realm and tasked Samur Maykr with hiding it.

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  • In the Codex it is stated that each realm can only contain one Primeval. If the gods which the Father sealed in the Tomb of Souls were once primevals, then it can be assumed that there are at least fourteen realms besides Hell and Urdak, as there are fourteen smaller life spheres in the Tomb of Souls.