This article is about an operating system. For the source port, see Linux Doom.

Doom was first ported to Linux in 1994 by Dave Taylor of id Software. The last Linux Doom binaries were provided by id on October 13, 1996 through the company's FTP server.

It was this version whose source code was later released (the DOS version could not be released due to copyright issues concerning the sound library). Originally, the code was distributed under the Doom Source License, but it was later reissued under the GNU General Public License.

Doom 3 also received an in-house Linux port by programmer Timothee Besset, released on October 1, 2004.

The Google Stadia versions of Doom (2016), Doom Eternal, and Doom 64 run on a Debian server, but these ports have not been released to the general public.

Source ports running on Linux[edit]

In addition, the original DOS version can be run using DOSBox as well as Doom95 or Doom Classic/Unity via Wine.

The 2020 remaster for Doom 64 has not been released for Linux, but the earlier Doom 64 EX port is compatible. The Doom64EX-Plus fork is compatible with the DOOM64.WAD from the remaster as of version 3.6.0.

Editors running on Linux[edit]