List of /newstuff Chronicles


The following is a listing of the names of each reviewed file on the /newstuff Chronicles.


  • The number of several older reviews is unknown.
  • There are two reviews numbered #62, and none that are numbered #209.
  • Some WADs were reviewed more than once, such as Doomguy Variants/DoomGuy Variants (they are both the same, yet appear in issues #138 and #140).
  • Grammatical errors in the names of the WADs are intentional. They are not typos.


# Reviews
#1 Deathmatch Incarnate 2, Deathmatch Incarnate 7, Stadel, Fortress of the Damned, Pokemon Stadium: Featuring Mario
#2 Hello!, Dsv, Harris11, Capture the Castle, The 3rdblood, Doom Classic 5: Mars outpost, Forgotten Base Special Edition, Khazad-dum for Heretic
#? The Darkening Episode 2, The World Of Deth, Grinder, Snake Doom
#? Lottadm, The Dark Portal, Kingpin Soundpack, The Lair, Jantom, The Lost Base, Terrain, Goldeneye Doom2 TC, MaimTown Demo
#? QuakeDoom, Naberus, Classics: Hotel, Terror Wing, Operation Destruction, Wad04, Package Distribution Network,,,,,,,
#? Athena, Q3 Arena Floors And Walls, The Darkening Aftershock, Celtic Shrine Texture Set, Mansion Texture Set, CWB Texture Pak 1,Graphtallica Texture Pack 1, IK Texture Pack, Quake Textures, Quake 2 Textures Full Version, Quake 2 Divided Version, DeConstruct Industrial Textures, Wally Example Textures, Erratic Texture Pack 1, Ogro Texture Pack, Drew Carey Sounds & Grafix
#? Deathmatch Field, The House Of Portals, Firefire!, XXLFragger Skin, Music Collection 1, Ruins, Magic Sacrifice, No Where To Hide, Ransom, You Will Die!, The Edge Of Doom, SoSueMe, Sector Seven, Chord3, Blah, I Can't Think Of A Name, Peashootin!, Project Defoot, Ancient
#? Hell Ball, Explode, Ruin, Warped, Cory's Clay Pidgeon Target Practice, Mars Base: 1, Phouse: The Great Arena, James Bond Skin, Swirly New Flats, City Of DooM, Kpcussin, Cjp, Go Get 'Em, Helldoom
#? Doom Classic 6, Doom Classic 7, Q3A Sounds, Q3 Arena Floors And Walls, 10,000 Year Night Light, Guardian, Marble, Lemmings Doom, Beach Head
#? KZDoom3, KZDoom4, KBoom12, Paranoia, Necron, Doom: The Mars Missions, Samaho´s Arena, TRTCCDemo, Yet Another Base
#? Taste For Blood, Ghostbusters Doom, Tricks & Traps, Deus Ex Wasabi, Toon2b, X-mas Deathmatch, The SpawnSQwad 2000, Doom Dorks
#? Demon Sanctuary, Blastem2, Lost Refinery, Only The Strong, The Evil Place, Terrere1, Base 67, Doom Must Fall, Hell In The University, DungeonX, VillaMex, Yourdead, Nexus, Fire Fight, Music Replacement, Alxdeth IV, The Titan Anomaly, Bdsdoom2, Blazin'
#? Close Kill, Tunnel Run, ArenaLX, Nowhere, The Final Geometry
#? Gloom Keep, MindPhuk, StepsV2, FrenzyDM, Bitebwad
#? Acity80, House, A Calm Arena, Ballistics, Lookout Base, The Bridge, Phoenix, Nova10, The Tunnel Of Chaos, UAC Experiment, Blackgate, Dark Eden, Red Christmas 2000, Mforest1, Save Your Hate
#17 Vrack, Corp, Missil, Station Alpha Omega, Atlantis, Gallows 2, Room 101, Tenchi Muyo Doom
#? Trident, Evil Hyrbrid, Realm Of Hell, Unruly Evil, Deathmatch Arena, Highlands, Von Helsing's Mansion, The Marble Maze for Doom II/Ult. Doom, Quad Wads for Doom II/Ult. Doom/Heretic, Gladiator, Mountain Deathmatch 4
#? Kye, RTC_Marine's Sounds Volume I, Continuous Wave
#? The Prison, Reol Tough: Death Fest 2000, Ash To Ash, Duke Nukem skin, Gnosis, Ice Station Alpha
#? Legions Of Hell, Bleed For Life, Cult Pit, Flay The Obscene - The Third, Fort Plasma, Trust, Corridor 7 TC Resource Files, Doom The Dark Project, Enjay Blake Stone Skins
#33 Selfish Series 1, Vrack 2, Pik, Temple Of Blood, The Killhouse, Slarty, The Axix
#? Doom: River Of Lost Souls, Doomed For The Last Time, Nova, Two Fort Capture The Flag, Evil Capture The Flag, Gunner DeathMatch 1, Jail DeathMatch 1, Whirlwind Struggle, 2001 A Deathmatch Odyssey
#? The Anomaly: Part II, ToRx, Gloom Texture Set, Evil's Playground, The Unknown, The Chemical Base, Heart Of Fire, An Infernal Place, Warehouse DM, Warehouse
#42 Xenon Station II, Zsound, Come To A Head, Omni-Directional Clusterfuck, Oversimplified Complexity, Last Blood, 8 Grams Of Lead, Post Mortem Experiment, Dt-ssg3, Mines
#43 Candy Choppers, The Outer Limits, Fern, House, Linna, The Following, Phobos: Anomaly Reborn, Oh Look! Another Military Base! Joy!
#44 Lhet, A Really Big Hole Full Of Monsters, A Really Big Hole, Castle Of Eternal Carrot In The Sky, CH Retro, The Ultimate Crosshair, Ugh DM 1
#45 Narthex, Just Monsters, Macvilewhore's Cool Super Imp Patch, Octagon Of Death, Lock And Load, Thee Amber Series, PathWays, The Deathmatch Tunnels
#46 id=11257, Leoric, Ground Zero, CyberMatch, Deathly Base, Rise Of The Triad Music, Macvilewhore's Super Duper Yay Sound Wad
#47 Arcade, Frenzy DM, Hal Skin, Plinch 3: Final Infest, The Tunnel System, Marine Army 1, A Funny WAD, Spectre Shell Skin, Hsg_0101, Genocide, Napalm Deathmatches, Sin City
#48 Harvested Sorrow, Greenfish, Oxygen, 00_e2m8, Subversion, Doomolition, Andydm1, Wet Phannys, Mummy3d, Mummydm1, Phannys, Poly Wad, Circular Area, The Square Base, Some Old Level, The Outpost III, Grail1, Egyptian Textures
#49 The Hexagon Base, Capture The Flag Megawad, Chainsaws And Boomsticks Special Edition Demo
#50 Cave Of The Heretic, Lemming Player Skin, Wet, Momesrus, Phobia, Hell's Arena, Angel, Nexus, Bloodsport, Hell's Maw 2, Oda Calone ECT
#51 Half Soldier Skin, Minge, Hsg_0102
#52 QDOOM, Deleted Scene, Grenian Doom, Hsg_0107, Mustache Doom, 0lev1, The Abandoned Base, The Red Skull Key, The Evil Base, The Gates, The Lost Wad, Quake1 Base Deathmatch, No Name 3d
#53 Beat This, Snipe - Paintball Arena, Overload, Guns PC, Grail2, Nectarine DM, Spud's Funky Doom Sounds, Force Kinzola 1
#54 Terrere 02, Dead Simple: Revisited, Laitos, Skroom, 3-Tech
#55 Mystic1, Ask Questions Later, Mystic Keep
#56 Gallery, Out Of Phase, Lava Plant 3D, Enzemica, Scragadelica, Billy Doom
#57 Mystic4|, Europa 1, The Darkest Hour, Project Slipgate|, Oneweek, Half-Life, The Block DM, Brick DM, Leith2
#58 DoomTown, Omniversal Doom #1, Mystic5, Mystic6, Mystic7, Mystic8, Lemmings Deathmatch, Deathz0r1
#59 Elliot Goblet, Nuts
#60 Supar1337
#61 Mumphuq2, SSG DM In The Clouds, Equinox, Doom Resurrection Episode 1, Mueller3, Sfffft/Meow..P, I Am Evil 1, Willy_Wad, Your Stick, Demon Sanctuary 2, REoL TOUGH: Halls Of Horror, Frag5sp, Ea Gothic 1, Pipes
#62 Doom Down DM1, Ea Gothic 2, The One Level With All Those Teleporters, Null Space, Red Christmas 2001, Train To The Abyss, Escape From Prison
#62 Fragport, Europa 2
#63 DM-Morpheus Wannabe, One On One
#64 Death Murder Kill, Sureal: The First Wave Of Stupidity, The Lost Seraphim, Die, Underworld Beta 3, 1500AD
#65 Gotcha Where I Wantcha, Twisted Tower Of Death, Unidoom DM 1, BrikBlat!, Crabbet Park House, The Honeycomb, Kiddy, Out Of Phase II, The Orangery, Sprike, The Castle
#66 The Rakehell, Death Base
#67 Ea Speedmap 3, Mr. Rocket's Doomifide
#68 Wasted 1: Industrial Zone, Chasm Addon, Don't Care, Make One Up For Yourself, Something Wicked This Way Comes, Invictus, A Lonely Place To Die, And Death Came Along
#69 Gothic Dreams, Core Algorithm, Slayer.wad Issue 2, Let It Roll, Pot City, Wickedly Simple, The Classic Episode, The Baron's Domain, Dark7, Operation: Lightning
#70 Build, The Floodgates
#71 Military
#72 No Rest For The Wicked, Trip Wires, Fragport Status Bar
#73 Chemical Plant, Pretty Hate Marine: Entryway, Pretty Hate Marine: Starfuckers Inc.
#74 The Other Side Of Phobos, X8a7
#75 Schizophrenia, Sinful Discharge
#76 Act9, X, Europa 3 - The Dark Side Of Vrack
#77 AndrewB Sucks It, GooberMan's DeathMatch Series, Doom - The Arcade Game Phobos Bonus Level 2 - You Sunk My Battleship!
#78 Lolly, IC DooM Series : 2001 Reprisal, Sniper - A view from both sides, Energy Control, Shape of Things to come
#79 XXXcity
#80 No Quarter, Xfire, Spone II
#81 World's End, The Cross, Quake 1 Base Deathmatch, For the Wicked Shall Perish, Industrial, CH Retro Episode
#82 Mines, Hextest, Big Guns, The Underground
#83 The DIG, Ruma, The Outlands, Glacial Caverns
#84 Let Them Die 2, When the Sleeper Wakes, Suck a Sage by DarkWolf, Hex, Dark 7, Dark 7 Mission Pack 1, Shadowcaster
#85 Foul Ruin, Mad Stuff for Doom 2, Into the Breach, Complex 867
#86 Deathmatch Street, Satan's Arena, King of Pain, Sinistrad, Outpost of Hell
#87 Fountain of Pain, The Highlands, Flow Form, One Bloody Night
#88 Robotic Dreams, Green War
#89 The Real Crusher, Xfire4, Crackers 'n Tea, The Temple, Project Slipgate
#90 Blinded by Fear, Sin
#91 2002: A Doom Odyssey, Robotic Nightmares, Xfire5, The Umbrella, Ni'mRoD - IXNAY on the HOMBRE
#92 Narcosis, Eidolon's Lair, The Rocks / Mossvale Estate, Telekenesis, Anarchy, AndrewB Still Sucks It
#93 DSV Episode 4: The Revolution: Eternity version, Legacy version, Monster Base, Circle of Boredom, Area_Hidden Death2, Dissolution, Carnage Galore III: Fury of Vuradi
#94 ZDoom SpinSpyder Collection, Steeple Chase, Mount Olympus, Afterlife, Avenger, Blood Runners, Cavemen, Death Cycle, Hell Harbour, The Living End, Mothership, Secret Lab, Space Station, Stronghold, Symphony of Death, Trojan, N.D.R. 3, The New Doom, Lego Base - Original Cut, Sekkusu, The Stronghold, Subterranean Prison, Computer Core
#95 Dueling Keeps, Alien Invasion, Alien 2, Xfire6
#96 Capslocked, Mossvale Dungeons, The Catacombs, Alien 3, Die1, Sentinel, Lock and Load v3.0
#97 Andrew's Sounds, Doom 2 Tournament 2534, Realm of the Green Soul, UAC
#98 Doom Face Fix, Doom: From Our Mouth, King Arthur's Camelot, Lame Heretic Beta V2, Super Mario Doom, Plutonia Easy, Scientist, Sidus, Wander
#99 8-Bit Sound, Enjay Toss Off, Blind Alley, Nukage, Face-off Duel
#100 The Fortress of D'Sparil, SlayeR's Vavoom Map 1, Dark Whispers, Storage Area, Grind, MP2 Music Definitions, Death Comes Not Gently to the Wicked, Congestion Control, Io Anomaly, Marvel vs. Capcom Doom, Redux, OMFG, Newstuff 100, Captain Mancubus
#101 The Abandoned Mines II, Blind Alley P., The Boardwalk, Doom Aesthetics Mod, NES Sounds V2, Wheat Thin Fortress
#102 Aliens TC Merged & Zipped, House Resume, Lucifer's Temple, Greenhouse, Murderous Intent, fen boi's 3d examples, I Dunno
#103 Untitled (as of yet), Cultist Skin, Flay the Obscene - Compilation, Master, Blind Alley M: The Citadel, The First Adventure, DooMBoy E1M7, DooMBoy E1M8, Mkonnuri, Romero's UV E1 LMP Recordings
#104 Band of Captures, Catastrophe, Darkmatch Combo, LA24, LA25, LA26, LA27, LA28A, TIC2, TIC2A, The Adventures of MassMouth Do Over!, Out of Phase 3: One Cloudy Afternoon
#105 Anubis, Blind Alley Q., "The Warf", Chiptune Doom, Dead Simple: DooMBoy Edition, Fragport, Gothic Dreams, Infernal Temple, Met Skin, Sexy Mama, Telesky, Underworld Beta 4, Yee Haw, Grind 2
#106 Bomberman Skin, Grind2X, KIMDM1.1, KIMDM2 Brutal Deluxe, Megaman Skin, Zort 8
#107 Dream House, SexyPapa, The Last Strike Deathmatch Gold Legacy Edition, Nukeage Plant, Blind Alley E., "The Pit", Rocky Deathmatch, Branched1, Outpost, Icerial 2, GAMMA: One Nerd And His Doom
#108 ManoWar Part II - The Triumph of Steel, Maprunner, Wintex 4.7, Operation Suicide - Dead on Arrival, Electric Eye, Bombay 72, Marble Deathmatch, Waste Treatment Center #911, Jenny 1, Jenny 2, DMC Deathmatch MapPack, 007: Licence to Spell Doom
#109 fen boi's 3d examples, Fear Stalks The Land, The Hunger, The Omen, Rip it, Tear it, Smash it!, WADHEX, I Don't Know, Torment and Torture 2: Armory of Pain, Codename HYENA killermachine, Alien Vendetta: The Compet-N Edition
#110 The Underground Base, The Spring Ballad, The Imp Fiesta, Cleaning Of All Kind, DoomsDay'95 One Player, The Twin Brothers, Caesar, Tenacity, Fireworks, Doom Down DM2, Phobos: Anomaly Reborn
#111 Dream, Short 'n' Quick 2, River of Revenge, Wasted 1: Industrial Zone, Wasted 2: The Crusher, Vile Flesh Demo, Blind Alley R: Monster Mansion, Barfight, Flames of Revenge, Ace 1, The Underworld Episode 1: Hades' Curse
#112 Scraping Away The Flesh, In Death's Embrace, The Library, TVR Revolution!, Winger, Zort 9
#113 Sin City, Sin City 2 : The Satan Complex, Operation: Arctic Wolf, Burn In Hell, RTC-3057 Demo, Behemothic 3, Empyre of Doom
#114 TVR Revolution!, Tower of WAR Demo, Banana Skin, Beginner's Guide to DEU, Paintball, Mockery Teaser Release, Space Station Omega
#115 Captain Mancubus v1.1, Deliverance, Doomworld Forum Adventures!, fen boi's 3D Examples (Update), Hello, Hell, Judas Priest a tiro limpio or Judas Priest shooting all of them!, Moon Base Hanoi, Splitdoor for DOOM2.exe, The Brotherhood of Ruin, Vanilla DOOM/DOOM2.exe elevators, ZDoom Monster Pack 01, ZDoom Sin Weapon Pack 1
#116 , Southern Cross, Narcosis, Blind Alley S: Spirit World, Bloodworks, Epyo DM, Burger
#117 Chiptune Doom v1.1, DoomBoy DeathMatch, Doom Textures for Doom II, IC DooM Series : 2002, Monsters Skin Pack, Press Conference, Press Conference
#118 Kill the Cybie, Installation A, Helm's Deep music
#119 , Redemption Denied, Threshold Of Pain, Twilight Descends
#120 Agent Spork's Tech Plant DeathMatch, Blind Alley B., "Octagon of Fear", Chaingun Arena, Doom Boy and Black Void's Deathmatch, Doom: Enigma Demo, Imp Encounter, In the Vicinity of Death, The Madness of Mergatroid, Room 101, SargeBaldy Speedmapping Compilation #1, The Last Strike Deathmatch 2003 Edition Demo, The Square Base
#121 Hunted, Imp Encounter: Second Edition, Show Wad Level Plus, W, uh, I dunno, shall I give it one?, Bunker, Desikration 2000, IC Doom 2003: Yet more Dooming, WadSpy v1.0c, MGMYWTCX Demo, Bella
#122 Blind Alley T., "Waste Processing", The Last Strike - Deathmatch 2003 Edition, Progress Quest Doom, CC Doom, The_Exit, Comp 45, Extended Domination, IC Doom 2003: Yet More Dooming
#123 Lime's Lab, SargeBaldy Speedmapping Compilation #6, The Therion Project, DeathBelow
#124 Bloodwork,CyberArena 3, Scythe, Spinal Injury, Torment and Torture 3: Fortress of Damnation, Undying, Wintex 5.0
#125 Tower of WAR Demo v2.0, Blind Alley U: Deja Vu, Bahdko 1 for Doom II, 2 lost levels, Enigmatic Complex, Grafix Project - Alt Death, City in Chaos
#126 Dawn: A Prelude, Capture the Flag 1, ALPHA: One Nerd and His Doom, System Vices, First Spawn, Arch-vile: the last fight, Doom monsters: the last fight, SargeBaldy Speedmapping Compilation #7, SYMOHOME.WAD, I.S.M. - Incredible Shrinking Machine, SYMOSHR.WAD V II.0, SYMOPLAN.WAD, The Transformer, SYMOWOLF.WAD, deathz0r Episode 1: The Old Menace, Power Plant Deathmatch
#127 Bly Crappy Shit Megawad, ma_desolate, metaldm(untitled, gave it a name), NBOD DM 3: Digital Science, Steeple Chase V.I.I, The Duel, Undying Revised
#128 SargeBaldy Speedmapping Compilation #8, Blind Alley V: Necrophobia, Quantum 4, The Lost Episodes of Doom
#129 Death Revealed, Congestion Control 2, Chiptune Doom2, E1 Style, MA Desolate, Shadowcaster, Zar
#130 007: License to Spell Doom, Barbershop Doom II, Return to the exit, Nostromo's Run for Doom II, UAC Mine, Southern Cross, Helpyourselfish
#131 UAC Teleportation Labs, Timelessness, 4way,,,,, Tower of Pazuzu, R.A.V.E., Super Sonic Doom - Playable Demo
#132 DanO's crack pipe, NUTS2, SargeBaldy Speedmapping Compilation #9, ZDaemon Contest Map
#133 SargeBaldySpeedmapping Compilation #9, Dis 2000, The Crypts, Poetic Doom, The Wicked and the Damned, Pardition's Gate, the big, bad 'n' ugly one, Community Chest
#134 The Cross, The Power Supply, Outpost of Hell 2 - The Fortress, Waste Treatment Center #911, Biotech Stuff, Aphrodite, Run & Kill
#135 Metamorphism, Bughunt, Arch Vile's Oddness 1 & 2, IPXSETUP for CTF DooM, Novert, Doom v1.1 to v1.2 patch, Doom Raider: Crypt of the Vile, The Arena, Castle of the Dead, Heroes 2, Two test levels, Schreinwolf Fortress
#136 8Pack, The Library, Crossing Archeron 2, Duse Ex Machina, Blind Alley W., "Redemption", Firestorm, Traffic Control, The Lost Mines, Nefarious Chateau, Piazza Dei Miracoli, Shrine of the Warriors, SargeBaldy Speedmapping Compilation #10, Doom Classic 10: Mercurius Pools, Doom Classic 10: Mercurius Pools without the cyberdemon, Independence Doom, NUTS3.WAD
#137 Benny Hill, Dark Nexus Map01: THe Entry, Escape from phobos Demo, Greasy Z-Sloth, IPXSETUP for CTF Doom, Isis, Ni'mRod - IXNAY on the HOMBRE, Real World, Unidoom DM 2, You can't hide
#138 Alleys, Box, Dark Base, Drilling Station, Downtown, Nuclear Research - Reactor Rooms, Polar Station, Shades, Stone Base, UFO, Wood Base, Computer Center, Maintenance Complex, Desert Base, Oberon Base, Waste Refinery, Shoreleave, Doomstone, Jailbirds, Viles and Zar-Cyb'a: The Last Fight, Desert Horror, Ruben Doom, 50 Frags, HELLRAISER!, Welcome to Paradise, DoomGuy Variants, MassMouth 2
#139 Helm's Deep, Massmouth Do Over, Doom Classic 11: Deimos Spaceport, CZ-181: Hazardous Materials Internment
#140 Camp, Crushing Death, Doomguy Variants, E1 MAP01, The Better MP5, The Rebirth, ULTRAMARINE, Various monster sprites, Waste Treatment Center #911
#141 Ultramarine, 3 Steps to Hell, Bone Demon, Doom Anomaly's Shotgun, Door of Light, Legacy Tag, Phoebus Strikes! Necro's Revenge
#142 Troubling Trials, Pac-Man Doom, MAP01-Style, Bunker, The Cooling Tower, Dentil, Monster Condo 2, Doomed Once More, Graphed, Imp Temple, Low Blow, Metallic, March To Hell, Oxbow, Lucifers Pool Party, Reactor DM, Sumer, Cry of Poseidon
#143 Cybmapping!!, Dark/Hard music, .Void, DTCA - Map 17 - Military Operations, Heathen, Hell Keep II, Installation B, Internal Reaches 2, Kaiser's stupid Deathmatch map, Stylin' 2
#144 NuTs III: ARENA, Cads DM, Waste Disposal Inc. Rise, Road Kill, Another DM map by Mr. Chris, Easy Breezy, Cleimos Dehacked patch, The Cathedral
#145 SWAD Pack 1: Stock CounterStrike Weapons, SWAD Pack 2: Custom CounterStrike Weapons, Dark Imp Sprites, Snake Imp Sprites, FBase 6: Remanasu, The Ship Level, Vrack0, Shell Shock
#146 BBG's Speedmapping Compilation #1, Blitz 2, Doom 2:2 - The Time Travel Saga, Waste Processing, What the Fuck!, Loaden - Preview Level 1, Infest, Warhell, FYP
#147 DTCA - Map01 - Lobby
#148 Caco's Revenge, Speed Mapping Ness style, Castle of Forgotten Realms, Fantastic Violence, Sniper of Insanity, Run darn you RUN, Southern Cross [Gold Edition]
#149 Wart01, Unreal Tournament Announcer, Yesterday's Brownies, Acid 4, Threshold, Teh Pain Elemental, Blood Pentagram, Black Mountain
#150 Enjay's Marine Assault, The Zero for 150 (Happy NS150!!!!!), SargeBaldy Speedmapping Compilation #11: Special Party Edition, Fear Station Alpha, Fear Complex (version 1.0), Not Another E1 Wad, DTCA - Map01 - Lobby, The Enigma Episode v2.0, Zoo
#151 Wart 02: Heart of Fire, Mars War v2.0, The Imp Nest, Jarjar's Last Pineapple Fritter, Quick and Deadly
#152 The Way to Pain, Rescue, Doom Redemption, Void, Dark Imp, Ungay Skulltag, Heart
#153 Blind Alley 8., "Retribution", Doom: Mercenaries Demo, AvantGarden, The Gate to Never Never Land, Nightmare of Loki 1999, Ebola: 32 Ways to Die, 2DMMAPS, Ep1, Enjay's Marine Assault (revision), Fortress of the Seven, The Ana's Dream, Deus Ex Machina
#154 Fountain of Myth, IMMORAL CONDUCT: LIZARD EDITION, Intelligent Acid Structure Pool, Kill.wad, Moneyman's Close Combat, Tanis Base, Their Selfish Realms, The Last Strike Deathmatch 2003 Edition (fixed and now with wangotag), The ULTIMATE DM-WAD, Untitled
#155 Arena 3, D Base, Tanis Base SP, X-Treme
#156 Mock 2: The Speed of Stupid, Enter, V.O.L. (1000 Demons), IC1Room (AKA Go!), War with the Imps, The 8 Trials, Ghost-Monster FAQ, 24-b-day, Breaker, Breaker 2, Gork, LA55D, Ris 1b, Tele Mad 1
#157 APOCALYPSE.WAD, Death Summoning (Legacy) - Map01: Complex Entryway, Fortress, Nickel Electroplate Facility, r's Mega, Schlagwerk, Vrack 3
#158 Classix Deathmatch, Schlagwerk, The Huntdown, Mortiser 05: Toxic Waste Dump, Army of Darkness, The Citadel of Fear, DTCA 19: Master Lift Access, Zan Zan
#159 Daedulus: Alien Defense, Flashback: demo, 10 Years of DooM... ... And many more to come, DTS-T(demo), Imp Arena, 10 Years of Doom, #zdoom Adventures, Doom Birthday Cake, Frag, Imp Encounter: Second Edition, Fragport, Red Key for Heretic, Castle of Blood, Schlagwerk X, Paranoia Rebirth, Dead Base 2.0, Project A.E.S.W (Another E1 Style Wad)
#160 BELLA II, Blind Alley X., "Forlorn", Bygone, My first UAC Base, Sewer Terminal, Tower of Pain, Doomsday Zephyr Demo
#161 Realm of Evil, Black Fortress, Escape From the Hellbase (demo), The Ocean Base, GTA (Get Them All), Chapel of Romero, Hell Assault, Labrinth V2, Squares, Beach Ball Castle v2.0, Hitler's Caverns, Fluvial, Gang up
#162 Blitz of Pain, Mitnal, Abandoned Chapel, Compound 13, Doom-X, Xaser's Arena (Version 2), An E1M3 Level, Baseball DM, The Forgotten Temple, Doom: Operational Support, Insanity: Episode 2, The Last Level Made in 2003, The Last Strike Deathmatch 2003 edition, Black Fortress X, Hell Keep, Tarudino Cassat Skin, Endgame. Hell Revealed 2
#163 Gardensail,High Guard, Kansam's Trial (Special Edition), Claustrophobia: The Walls Close In, Floor/Ceiling Sector Translation, Mountain of the Cannibal God, Neith, The Prison, ZUUL, Wolfen, SV Episode 5: The Final War, Chosen 1.33
#164 Legions of Hell 2, Doomworld Forums 3, The Community is falling!! Oh No!!!, Dark City Oblivion, The Demon Castle, WhiteKnuckle, American Idol, Choke On Your Guts As They Spill From Your Mouth, Lunatic of Gods Creation, Splatter
#165 XASER's SHiTWADS!, Winter Themed Deathmatch, Abyss, Finality, The Wicked City, Marbelum, SargeBaldy Speedmapping Compilation #12, Dark City Oblivion, Library, LC-Tunnel system at planet Tee Hoo Cee
#166 WASTELAND: SANDS OF DEATH (version 0.5) (position E2L3), Batman Doom for Doom 2, Ohgr's Doom (2004)
#167 Batman Doom, P0wer Weap0ns, Close-Up!, Minotaur's Maze, Garrulismo, Beyond Doom, BloodRust, Outpost Recon
#168 Point of No Return, The Eye of the Demon, DTCA - Map 29 - Research Centre Roof, Moonbase, WAD Author's Doom Reference v1.0, WinDEU for Beginners: A Pictorial Guide (HTML version), WinDEU for Beginners: A Pictorial Guide (Acrobat version), Anvil 1 - Rendevous Zone, A Visit to Atari Hell, Big Castle, Bonar6, Breeze, Das Boot, Lynx Up!, Nuke Processing Plant, Ropy, Ropy II, Sky Base
#169 The Cult: The Castle, Demon's Revenge, Deep Core 1, OMG DETAILZ0R, Hell Pit, Imp Atak (2004 edition), NesDeath I, Caged, The Rebirth (debugged version) Stress, V.O.L. R2
#170 Ruben's Deathmatch 1, Grove, Mythical Terrain, Phocas Island, Q3 - Tier 3, Unrest
#171 Wart 03: Chamber of Sin, The Rusting, Marsbase, MAP30 Plus, Chainsaws and Boomsticks Special Edition, Nuke Canyon, Teeth of the Storm, Skulltag Forums Adventures!, ASSHOLE!!!, Carnage Galore III: Fury of Vurandi, Trouble on Titan, The Farside of the Titan, The Interdiction Zone, WORNPEAS
#172 Doom: The Cyberdemon Army - Demo, React, Carnival of Evil, inserwackynamehere's Deep Water ZDoom tricks
#173 SELFISH4, 8 Bits Deathmatch, Vacuity, ANGER - OFF BOARD, Pyr0M4N1AC, LOST SOULSPHERE!!!!!!11oneone, AGONISM #7 to #10, ShadowRealm, Mythical Dugneon, Low Guard, Not Another E3 Wad
#174 Vile Flesh, Pacman Doom 2, ZDaemon CTF, Ice Base, Serious Doom, Let Life Pass You By, Counter-Doom: EDGE, Amazing, The GoldMine, Nexxus, The UnderDark, Fiendish, Mongo II, Kill Them All and Let God Sort It Out
#175 Black Gloves for Doomguy, The Abandoned City, Entrapment, GrahamK.wad, Dead in 60 Seconds, DooM Party R n' R v1.0, RetroPack, Sedna 1, Tormuse.wad, The CodeImp Realm
#176 Brahan Manor, Unofficial Change Log v1.01, Doom 1.4, the leaked bootleg of 8-apr-94, WADHEX 32Bits - Hexadecimal Visualizator, Forever, Blind Alley Y: Dissolution, Perdid01, Perdid02, FrasL, E1M3: Reincarnated, Real World 2, ZDoom menu demo, Zeo, Palladium Electroplate Facility
#177 Floating Buildings v1.1, Invicity, Perdid03, System Check, Reborn Epidemic, Somewhat Evil, Open Spaces, fwf cargo, Smeldeth, UAC_DEAD patch for ZDoom, WTF Clan DM1, E1M3: Reincarnated, CDoom v2.05, CleanWAD V1.10, Copenhagen Central Station, Ziffnet 1994 Christmas DOOM II Level, Doom ]1[ -- The Forgotten Realms, Henge, Nowhimps, Kingme
#178 Quick and Deadly 2, Dungeons of the Doomed, Smoke the Beehive, Somewhat Evil, The Rebirth, thefwf's cargo bay DM, ARENA, STIGMA, Silent Steel
#179 Silent Steel, Somewhat Evil, Vanilla compatible light effects, Mind's I, Phobos Outpost, Phobos Outpost, Base of Evil, Lunar Apocalypse, DoomKiller 07, Onslaught DM
#180 OH EM GEE, Exodus, Internal Reaches 4, Demon Abundance, Of Demons and men, Mega Phase, Jallaspace, Jailbreak 0 - Example WAD, Frag You! (A Fragear por Culo!), 8MBGM and 8MBSFX Gravis Patch Set v1.3, DarkJedi188's DOOM Sound Effects Patch, Generic PWAD DeHacked patches, Doom64 guy, Werewolf Skin, The, Aurora, Air Walk, 3FUN, The Daemonic Colony, Theatre of Doom, Funk, My kinda town, Grim, son of Grunt
#181 By the Pain I See In Others, Brains! Part 1: The Beginning, Metro2, Metro3, 3D Horror, Somewhat Simple, Blood Resource Pack Build 1, City of the Damned, Parcheesi
#182 Doom/alt markmenu "skin"/shell for the Photo.bat program, Mandatory Suicide, The Zodiac Deathmatch
#183 D-Gun Weapon Set #1, Dropzone, Nym v1.0, Doom: The Heresy v0.07 Alpha, Deus Vult, the mokum xxx, the guardian, the bloodpool, the underworld, last monastery, baron's lair, the hellhole, Smelnick Deathmatch, Afterhours, Brains! Part 2: Monochromatic Stains, MasterOFDeath's Deathmatch Base, The Supply Base, Starport v1.7
#184 doomsday fortress, Decade, Reanimated, Twilight Zone, Realm of Evil
#185 LavaArenRemix, Black Void CTF, Waste Site, Tunnel, New World, Zdoom as Markmenu Shell, Metro1, Hell Keep, Her Bellisha Beacon Erased Till Forwards, Bullies, Daniel Level Series 02, Final Fray, ZDaemon CTF, 125 Skins, Neo Doom