List of characters in Doom (film)


The following characters appeared in the 2005 Doom motion picture.

Staff Sergeant John "Reaper" Grimm
John Grimm is the son of UAC scientists who were killed in an accident during the early excavation of a Martian dig site. He abandoned his scientific heritage and joined the military to forget about this personal disaster. He is the twin brother (younger by two minutes) of Dr. Samantha Grimm and the only squad member to survive the film. Played by Karl Urban.
Gunnery Sergeant Asher "Sarge" Mahonin
Sarge is the leader of the RRTS squad. His violent tendencies bring him into conflict with Reaper and other squad members, and he is eventually corrupted by the retrovirus, leading to a climactic confrontation. Played by Dwayne Johnson.
Sergeant Gregory "Duke" Schofield
Duke is obsessed with two things: girls and games. He is the best friend of Destroyer and immediately develops a crush on Samantha Grimm. Played by Raz Adoti.
Sergeant Gannon "Destroyer" Roark
He is the heavy weapons specialist of the squad. His best friend is Duke. He uses a minigun. Played by Deobia Oparei.
Private First Class Katsuhiko Kumanosuke "Mac" Takahashi
Mac is the squad's technical expert. He dropped out of university to join the RRTS. Played by Yao Chin.
Private Mark "The Kid" Dantalian
The Kid is the youngest member of the squad, on his first mission as a rookie. Played by Al Weaver.
Corporal Dean Portman
Dean is the trash talker of the squad. Played by Richard Brake.
Corporal Eric "Goat" Fantom
Goat is a senior member of the squad. Fiercely religious, he is prone to quoting scripture and acts of self-harm in response to his own sins. Played by Ben Daniels.
Dr. Samantha Grimm
Samantha is a scientist on Mars. She is John Grimm's twin sister. She is the first and one of the few characters to understand what is taking place at the Olduvai facility. Played by Rosamund Pike.
Marcus "Pinky" Pinzerowski
Pinky is a technician on Mars assigned to coordinate the squad's communications; he becomes involved with the action against his will. He lost his legs during early experimentation with Ark travel and had them replaced with a bionic wheelchair attachment. Played by Dexter Fletcher.
Dr. Todd Carmack
Dr. Carmack is the base's chief scientist. He is named after John Carmack. Played by Robert Russell. He later transforms into the Carmack imp (played then by actor Doug Jones).
Dr. Steve Willits
He is another UAC scientist. He is named after Tim Willits. Played by Vladislav Dyntera.
Lieutenant Huengs
Huengs is the leader of Mars security at the Olduvai base. Played by Daniel York.
Dr. Jenna Willits
She is Steve Willits's wife. Played by Sara Houghton.
Curtis Stahl
Curtis Stahl was a convicted killer who served as a human subject in Dr. Carmack's research. He transforms into a Hell knight and begins the plague that engulfs Olduvai. Played by Brian Steele.
Sanford Crosby
Sanford is the UAC's public relations representative. Played by Ian Hughes.


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