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The Assault loadout

Loadouts are a multiplayer mechanic in Doom (2016) whereby players select two weapons, an item, and runes (previously hack modules prior to Update 6.66) with which to enter the fray when starting the map or respawning after death.

New players start with three default loadouts which cannot be altered - Assault, Sniper and Ambusher. Up to five custom loadouts can be unlocked by competing in multiplayer matches, which can be changed as desired - these are unlocked at levels 3, 6, 8, 10 and 11 respectively.

Arcade Mode[edit]

Arcade Mode also allows players to choose a "loadout" before starting a level, but this only allows them to decide which weapon mods and runes to start with. Loadouts are not saved on leaving Arcade Mode, so if a player quits the game then they must set the mods and runes up again on loading another level.