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The Loremaster fails to hit the player with his grappling hook attack.

The Loremaster is the fifth major boss of Strife, and is the holder of the fourth or fifth piece of the Sigil, depending on choices the player has made earlier in the game. He is considered to be a religious leader, and oversees the process that transforms humans into acolyte soldiers; the Oracle refers to him as "the surgeon who butchers and controls your people". He is found in the laboratory, beneath the factory that adjoins the Order Commons.

The Loremaster has 800 hit points and attacks by firing a grappling hook, which will pull his target towards him. The hook itself deals minor damage, but the fight takes place among high platforms that overlook deep pits, and successful hook shots can pull the player up before dropping them a long distance to inflict serious injury. When the Loremaster dies his Spectre will come out - this Spectre fires Sigil E shots, and is the most powerful of the five Spectres in the game.

Once the Loremaster is defeated, a set of bars on the bottom level will open; provided the player has the complete Sigil at this point, they can unlock the spaceship that leads to the Entity's lair and the end of the game.


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