Lost soul (Doom 2016)

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A lost soul.
This article is about the monster in Doom (2016). For other games, see:

The lost soul returns in the 2016 Doom in a form almost identical to its classic version, a flaming skull with demonic horns which rushes toward the player to attack. These lost souls however replace the bite used by their counterparts with a kamikaze-style attack wherein they will explode upon contact with their target, dealing significant damage.

Tactical Analysis[edit]

Health: 75

The Chainsaw cannot be used to kill Lost souls.

Due to their small hitbox, any precise weapon will work well by sniping them from a distance (e.g. HAR with Precision Scope).


Attack Too Young To Die Hurt Me Plenty Ultra Violence Nightmare
Homing Suicide 12 25 54 75


Lost souls are described in the Corrax Tablets as being the weakest form of demon. They lack a physical form, and are despised by the other denizens of Hell. Lost souls home in on a potential host before exploding in a burst of Hell energy. If the host is sufficiently weak-willed, the demon will possess the host and the host's soul will then become a lost soul itself.