Luke Brennan (Lobo)


Apart from his work as a member of the EDGE team, Luke "Lobo" Brennan is also the creator of E.S.L. (EDGE Shell/Launcher), a GUI frontend that can be used with most Doom source ports.

He was working on two TCs for EDGE: "Robotech: FirstGen" and "Lonely Meadows". Currently he is developing EMUS (EDGE Modders Utility Suite), a tool for developing EDGE mods akin to Slade, Doom P.A.L. (Doom Port Add-On Launcher), a direct continuation of E.S.L., and MEGA (Making EDGE Get Active), a pack consisting of EDGE version 1.35 with a custom Timidity patch, along with high-resolution flats and textures for the main four Doom IWADs, MD2 models replacing sprites excluding monsters and player's weapons, and a launcher to supplement the pack.

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