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This level occupies the map slot MAP01. For other maps which occupy this slot, see Category:MAP01.

MAP01: Attack is the first map of PlayStation Final Doom. It is a console version of ATTACK.WAD which was originally designed by Tim Willits. It uses the music track "Bells Of Agony".

The level is set in an unknown base similar to a starport and is notable for its difficulty and presence of almost all weapons but BFG9000.


Letters in italics refer to marked spots on the map. Sector numbers in boldface are secrets which count toward the end-of-level tally.


You start the level on the balcony of the southernmost part. A shotgun guy will see you right at the start but you can dodge it by strafing to the left. Obtain your first weapon, shotgun, by killing the shotgun guy. Be careful, as there are more enemies inside: three shotgun guys (Hey, not too rough and lower), four shotgun guys (Hurt Me Plenty) and four shotgun guys and one chaingunner (Ultra-Violence). If you are playing on Ultra-Violence you can obtain the second weapon, chaingun, if you kill the chaingunner. You can boldly make fire noise here, as all the enemies in this area are ambush and will only wake up on sight.

Now when everyone is killed in this room, collect five shotgun shells in the upper-left (north western) corner of the room and two shotgun shells in the starting balcony if you have not yet.

Red key

The first keycard to get on this level is the red. Turn to the right (east) wall of the room and you will see a staircase with six health bonuses. Beware of another shotgun guy at the top of the staircase (it may be still not waked up). Ascend on the stairs, go forward and open the door to the right. Go to the northern door in the next room killing all the demons on your way. By opening the door kill another imp in the discovered room. This room is yet dangerous, so before taking the red keycard kill all the enemies including a chaingunner and a shotgun guy. Take the keycard and do not forget the plasma gun and energy cells.

There are other ways to get this keycard:

  1. At the start of the level, use the lift to get up or use any of the two staircases (the latter is more prefarable, as otherwise you will be attacked from two sides if you use the former). At the top, walk around the upper (northern) wall, you will see an opening to the northern side, but before you enter this area kill the shotgun guys seen from here and after that descend down on the stairs to find a super shotgun. Go through the bottom opening and forward to a silver door. Open it and kill two shotgun guys inside. Exit through the brown door and open the metal bars, so you will be in the red key room.
  2. At the start of the level, face the western wall and open the brown door. Kill everyone inside and cross one of the two light beams. Doing this will open a trap with two (Hey, not too rough and lower) or three (Hurt me plenty and higher) imps and two stimpacks and a chaingun. Get the weapon and ascend on the stairs. Be careful, as there are two (HNTR and lower) or three (HMP and higher) enemies in the cage. Exit through the brown door at the top. Run to the other end of this hall toward the door killing all the enemies and you will be in the red key room.

Blue key

Once you have the red key go to the western long hall. Open the door from its left part and kill both shotgun guys (doing so you can kill that enemies without waking up the enemies in the south side of this room). Now kill the imps and one spectre on the south side of the room. Be aware there are a chaingunner behind the wall and four lost souls in the bottom pit if your skill level is UV. Collect all the seen items in the room and take the blue keycard within the structure. This will open four traps each containing four imps (HMP and lower) or two imps and two chaingunners (Ultra-Violence). Note: north and south traps both have the chaingunners on UV skill.

Yellow key

With the blue key head into the eastern hall which is similar to the western one but having the blue door instead of red. Again, open the door so you will be concealed from one enemy behind the wall and kill it with your shotgun or chaingun. Once both of them are dead head into the building or visit the left (north) and right (south) sides of the balcony to get items. Inside the building fight the enemies: two shotgun guys behind the columns (HNTR and lower), a lost soul (HMP) or seven lost souls (Ultra-Violence). Take the yellow keycard and do not forget about three rockets and a rocket launcher.


Not leaving the yellow key room open the dark pillars, so you can use the lift going down. At the bottom you will be outside. If you go left here you can find shotgun shells and a medikit. However, you will also encounter some dangerous enemies there. Anyway, go to the right (south) and keep going forward until you meet four teleporter pads. Before you use one carefully wall behind them and collect two stimpacks (if you need), three items of shotgun shell and a megaarmor. Enter one of the teleporters (all they lead to one area). In the next area be prepared for a fight with more enemies. This includes two revenants (only HMP and higher) who could see you earlier. Use the barrels to your advantage. Once done with them head behind the large building and prepare for another ambush: a shotgun guy (all skills) or a shotgun guy and a chaingunner (Ultra-Violence). Collect the shells and return to the yellow door. Before entering in you can find secret#1. Behind the door there are an exit switch and an enemy: a shotgun guy (HNTR or lower), a chaingunner (HMP) or a revenant (UV). Prepare for a fight and when the enemy is kill do not flip the switch yet. Ascend on the stairs up and lower a lift, which will lead you to an imp and three health bonuses.

After that, flip the switch.

Other points of interest[edit]


  1. Once you reached the final area with the yellow key reuse the teleporter you came in. This will send you back into the room where have probably been. The south part of the teleporter structure counts as secret but is sometimes hard to register. Carefuly walk under and into the teleporter.


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Versions comparison[edit]

Former humans no longer present on this level. Instead, former sergeants substitute them making the start of the level much harder.

Revenants substitute mancubi's and hell knights' presents.

Groups of lost souls occupy the positions of Pain elementals.

All the keycards now have slightly raised platforms under them and give appropriate colored lighting.

Most of the level's staircases now have less steps for the sake of framerate increasing.

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