MAP01: Checkpoint Charlize (Project Einherjar)


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Map01: Checkpoint Charlize is the first map of Project Einherjar, designed by Impie in 2016 and constructed in Doom Builder 2.


The start point.


Checkpoint Charlize is a small outpost sandwiched between two truck yards. Juno begins in the south truck yard with a handful of guards, some of which fire at her from the rooftops and the other side of the fences if she makes any noise outside. The map is very small and straightforward: Juno must fight through the small central building and the north truck yard to reach the exit, which is guarded by an Amazon Commando and a few Juggernauts.


All of the secrets are found in the central building.

  • In the first room, "use" the slightly lit section of pipe behind the desk. Juno removes the pipe and converts it into a Shit Creek Scattergun.
  • The wall opposite the laboratory desk has a Medical Backpack hidden behind it. Grabbing this secret triggers an ambush in the first room.
  • The back wall of the abovementioned secret area is actually an elevator. It takes you to the roof, where Juno finds another Ballistic Knife.

Inspiration and development[edit]

This map was adapted from the first level of Impie's earlier Midgard game based on the same novel.