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MAP01: Isle of Bad Luck is the first map of Realm of Cheogsh. It was designed by Shadowman and uses the music track "".


Map of Isle of Bad Luck
Letters in italics refer to marked spots on the map. Sector, thing, and linedef numbers in boldface are secrets which count toward the end-of-level tally.


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  1. At the third set of ruined buildings at the eastern beach (which has an outlier to the southwest), get to the south wall and climb it up, going east and north. Jump onto the rooftop to the west, then onto the rooftop north. Find a square hole in the middle and drop down to a box of rockets. (sector 1190)
  2. At the northeast part of the island, at the first ruined structure, head to the southernmost end and climb on the wall where the two health bonuses are. Make your way north and east to an enclosed room and enter it to get a medikit, a stimpack, and a rocket. Make sure to use the back wall here to get another secret later on. (sector 1299)
  3. After you pass the second wall at the north end of the island, head to the bigger of two structures to the southwest and use the switch in the innermost chamber. Leave and head to the structure east of there, then head up and around until you find a teleporter. A bit northwest of there, lower the west wall to get a soul sphere. (thing 786 via "secret trigger" thing 1645)
  4. Get to the small town at the northwest side of the map by falling west of the mountain where you can turn off the torch. Here, climb the nearby wall and use it to jump to the grassy ledge to the south. Follow this ledge south all the way until you are behind the trees in a gated cemetery. Open the back door to enter the small storage room here and use the northeast crate to find stimpacks, partial invisibility, and shotgun shells. All of the crates that open count as the same secret. (sector 1789)
  5. At the southwest end of the city, go through the building to the other side, then head to the graves to the west. Just south of the graves is a pattern of six tiles, with the leftmost tile being the one you need to step on. Do so, then leave the area and head back north, heading around the first building to the one northeast of it, which is now open on the west side. Inside you can pick up armor bonuses, a stimpack, an energy cell, and a berserk pack. (thing 1313 via "secret trigger" thing 1291)
  6. After you get the red key and teleport out, return to the east tower where you found it. At the entrance to the tower, head downstairs to the east and take the teleporter from the other side to teleport to a cage with a soul sphere, energy cells, and rockets. (sector 1659)
  7. In the cave at the southwesternmost end, use the crate at the southwest to find an energy cell pack. (sector 3273)
  8. After you get the yellow key, leave the area it was in and open the yellow door to the south. Enter the hut here and press on the southwest corner of the hut to find a hidden switch. After using it, leave the hut and head south to an active teleporter. This takes you to a nearby mountain with shotgun shells, rockets, and a medikit. The switch here will allow you to get Secret #12 later on. (sector 2487)
  9. After activating the large air teleporter which needs the yellow key, enter it and on the mountain you are on, jump northwest into the inside of a hut in the flayer's village to get a soul sphere. (thing 2089 via "secret trigger" thing 2072)
  10. If you used the back wall in Secret #2, go to the air teleporter and teleport, then re-enter the teleporter from the south side. You will be on a different mountain where you can press a switch for Secret #12. (sector 850)
  11. At Secret #10, enter the teleporter from the east side to teleport to a different mountain. This has a switch for Secret #12. (sector 944)
  12. If you pressed the switches in Secrets #8, #10, and #11, you will get a reward at the Air Tower. Complete the Trial of Air and you can get a BFG9000 along with the Khuman of Air. (thing 2865 via "secret trigger" thing 2866)


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Map data[edit]

Things 3183
Vertices 19134*
Linedefs 19038
Sidedefs 35507
Sectors 3619
* The vertex count without the effect of node building is 14435.


This level contains the following numbers of things per skill level:

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