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MAP02: Eastern Sun is the second map of Stardate 20X7. It was designed by Zachary Stephens (Ribbiks) and uses the music track "Eastern Sun," by SeraphSnake. The par time defined in the DEHACKED lump is 1:09.


Map of Eastern Sun
Letters in italics refer to marked spots on the map. Sector numbers in boldface are secrets which count toward the end-of-level tally.


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  1. From the large altar at the northeast end of the main area, go east up the steps. A few monsters will be ahead of you near a block, while an arachnotron will be on a larger platform nearby. Go towards the small block and press on its northern side to hear a switch. Run to the arachnotron platform which has lowered. Look to the left to spot an opening with purple lights and jump to it. Here, you can go through a passage or head up the steps. Take the passage to the area with pillars and use the switch to lower them, which will lower other bars in the map, then take the steps. A Hell knight will be outside, and there will be an open passage behind him. Drop down, then carefully walk alongside the waterfall and collect the soul sphere from the translucent waterfall. A word of caution: if you go east of the arachnotron platform towards the indoor region with a cache of ammo clips and look north, there will be a lion switch. This switch will permanently bar access to this secret, so do not press it. (sector 17)
  2. An altar with five armor bonuses in the center of the map can be used. Afterwards, go northwest and into the purple water to find a pain elemental and a megaarmor. (sector 973)
  3. South of the yellow switch in the center of the map, the grove has a square which functions as a teleporter. If you can get up here (try an arch-vile jump), enter the teleporter and pick up the plasma gun. When you teleport out, look out for an arch-vile. (sector 991)
  4. For this secret, you will need a yellow keycard and a purple key. Once you do so, go to the area with health bonuses and a plasma rifle and enter the corridor on the left. The switch is useless, as it teleports you in front of the nearby doors, which you should open with the keys. Continue along the corridor until you reach an energy cell pack and a megasphere. (sector 1027)


Two health bonuses (Things 207 and 208) are unreachable in the map, as they exist as part of the scenery. Only 97% items is possible on this map.

An imp (Thing 114) is in a cage next to a grave, but is not killable because the cage does not allow projectiles or hitscan attacks to pass through it.

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Map data[edit]

Things 774
Vertices 12179*
Linedefs 10208
Sidedefs 17634
Sectors 1159
* The vertex count without the effect of node building is 8910.


This level contains the following numbers of things per skill level:

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