MAP02: Human Processing (Project Einherjar)


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Map02: Human Processing is the second map of Project Einherjar, designed by Impie in 2016 and constructed in Doom Builder 2.


The start point, just outside Othello's cell.


Juno starts in the processing area, with several imprisoned human subjects. At the end of a snaking network of hallways is the massive processing unit: a humming collection of stasis tanks containing unconscious test subjects. The large door in this area connects the lab to the garage, which acts as a bridge between the south and north halves of the map.

Two doors in the garage lead to different areas of the office block. The north door leads through the lobby and eventually to a rooftop truck yard, where Juno will find the blue door and exit door. An Amazon Commando squad guards the yellow key here, along with two small platoons of assorted troops. Both battles are tricky since the large number of parked trucks helps to scatter the active troops and makes it tough to keep track of everyone present.

The east garage door leads directly to a small lab: the blue key and blue armor are behind their own respective yellow doors. To get the blue key, Juno has to turn off the processing unit, killing the test subjects contained therein. The switch beyond the blue door opens the way to the exit switch.

Other points of interest[edit]

  • Dr. Gaul makes her first appearance here, barking orders from a monitor in one of the twisting lab hallways.
  • The Shieldmaidens by the processing unit can be easily scared through the large garage door without being noticed, alerting the entire building to Juno's presence.


  • Both ends of the starting hallway have secrets. At the left end, one part of the wall opens to reveal a pack of spring mines.
  • The other end of the hall has an air vent that opens to reveal a hidden medkit. A second secret is accessed through a false wall here: it leads to a long air shaft that ends at a Ballistic Knife and a one-sided door. Stepping through the door triggers a dog ambush.
  • The junkpile opposite Juno's starting position hides another Shit Creek Scattergun.
  • Hug the right wall from Juno's starting position until you come to a circular orange room lined with storage lockers and welding equipment. One of the lockers opens to reveal a Missile Pod.
  • The blue truck in the garage carries a Dessler Frag Cannon. Juno can reach it by jumping into the back of the truck, or by hitting a hidden switch on the nearby crate to open the back.