MAP04: Conversion Center (Project Einherjar)


This level occupies the map slot MAP04. For other maps which occupy this slot, see Category:MAP04.

Map04: Conversion Center is the fourth map of Project Einherjar, designed by Impie in 2016 and constructed in Doom Builder 2.


A mass execution is taking place at the start point.


The truck yard gate opens at the first sound of gunfire, as several dogs and shotgunners come barreling through it. The warehouse beyond houses the blue key required to enter the rest of the facility.

Through the front door is the lobby: behind the reception desk is a heavy door leading to a sort of garden lab where scores of Juggernauts dwell, guarding the red key. You need the yellow key from the heavily guarded eastern lab to open two gates: access to the switch that raises the platforms leading to the red key, and air vent access to the platforms themselves. Skip across the platforms to grab the key; if you open the air vent's secret wall you can take a shortcut back to the lab's upper levels.

With all keys in your possession you can now open the final door in the east lab, which leads to another garden and Morgan Vargstein, who becomes faster and more aggressive when she is near death. You do not need to kill her to reach the exit switch, but the exit door opens a bit too slowly for comfort.


  • A desk switch in the eastern lab's garden observation booth opens a hidden closet with a suit of blue armor.
  • The air vent has a secret wall that opens into the observation booth through the secret closet mentioned above, but only if said closet is discovered first.
  • A scratched-up wall in the eastern lab's Juggernaut ambush closet conceals a missile pod, a Dessler frag cannon, and more Juggernauts.