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MAP05: Gear Up is the fifth map of Sunlust. It was designed by Daniel Jakobsson (dannebubinga), and uses the music track "Lord of Space" composed by James Paddock.


Map of Gear Up
Letters in italics refer to marked spots on the map. Sector numbers in boldface are secrets which count toward the end-of-level tally.


There are no keys on the map. Instead, the player has to touch nine pillars in order to unlock the exit portal. Armor bonuses are placed on each pillar. Normally, they sink down to the floor when they are touched or if the player comes closer to them. It does no matter in what order they are activated, however the order is advisable as shown in the numbered list below.

  1. From the starting position, head straight. In front of you is a building within which is your first pillar. There are also some ammo in the room of this building. Touch the pillar and it will sink down.
  2. Right here, turn left facing southwest. There is a column hall right ahead. Go there and activate the second pillar. A large number of former humans and chaingunners will appear at the top. An imp that hid inside one of the columns will also come out. Enter this column and you will find a blur sphere which will protect you from bullets.
  3. Leave the column hall and head left (west). You will see a super shotgun and another building that has the third pillar. Once you come close the bars will lock you inside the building and after about three seconds they will open again, therefore preventing you from easily escaping the combat with unleashing monsters.
  4. In the starting area, walk the stairs that lead to the south building. Head right (west) and straight in the pipe corridor. The fourth pillar is in front of you. Backtrack eliminating former humans in the corridor.
  5. Head right (south) to the balcony. Activate the fifth pillar and overcome the on-going ambush.
  6. Return to the entrance hall of the south building and drop down (be sure to not step on the lava). Activate the sixth pillar and prepare for fight with arch-vile or revenant depending on your skill level. A platform will rise in the middle of the room which can help you avoid enemy attacks, revenant rockets and arch-vile's fire casts. After you deal with them get back on the lift.
  7. Head left to the second pipe corridor (east). Open the door in front of you and activate the seventh pillar.
  8. Near the door behind which you found the seventh pillar, drop down to the outside area. Go straight on the lava to the north (use mounds to safely keep going). Follow the mounds to eventually come to the eight's pillar. Activate it and defend yourself against spectres and arch-vile's casts.
  9. Get back using mounds and proceed straight until you eventually come back to the starting place. Do not drop down here and turn right, then walk the stairs to the left. They will lead you to a room with the last pillar. Once you activate it, repulse the enemies' attacks.

When all nine pillars have been activated you are ready to finish the level. Go the place where the building in which you activated one of the pillars is. The exit portal is north from here.



  1. From the starting area, go to the building in which there is a pillar. Not entering inside, notice four round columns around the building. Outwardly, the columns are decorated with red lamps. One of the columns has a button. Find and press it. Head to the column hall (where the second pillar is activated) and take a berserk placed inside on the columns. (sector 1151)
  2. Head to the second building within which is the second pillar (north west). Not entering inside, walk around the building. If you face east and carefully look for, you will find a red button on the building's wall. Once you press it, a red platform will be slightly risen letting you to drop into the lava where the secret itself is located. Step on the platform and slightly walk forward to drop. There is a platform which has two rocket boxes. (sector 1222)
  3. In the starting area, walk the stairs leading to the south building but do not enter inside. Instead, turn left and go forward. You should see a lava pool here. Descend on the stairs. If you face south there is a narrow ledge. Using the ledge, run on it and jump to the other ledge ahead to drop into a hidden area where the red rock can be seen (you need a little practice to do this). You can find a plasma gun and some other items here. (sector 685)



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UV speed 00:05 Aleksey Kamenev (4shockblast) 2015-11-05
NM speed 00:04 Aleksey Kamenev (4shockblast) 2015-11-05 Also pacifist
UV max 02:57 j4rio 2015-08-24
NM100S 00:29 0xf00ba12 2017-12-05
UV -fast 06:47 Andrea Rovenski (Cyberdemon531) 2015-08-20
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UV Tyson
UV pacifist 00:05 Aleksey Kamenev (4shockblast) 2015-11-05

Last updated on 14 January, 2018.

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Map data[edit]

Things 514
Vertices 8883*
Linedefs 7985
Sidedefs 14749
Sectors 1304
* The vertex count without the effect of node building is 6450.


This level contains the following numbers of things per skill level:

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