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MAP05: Malevolent Exhibition is the fifth and final map of Doomworld Mega Project 2020. It was designed by Jjp and uses the music track "". The par time defined in ZMAPINFO is 45:00.


Map of Malevolent Exhibition
Letters in italics refer to marked spots on the map. Sector, thing, and linedef numbers in boldface are secrets which count toward the end-of-level tally.


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  1. In the first building, the right door is broken. To get in the room, jump over the barrier at the start, then head left and get on the crates. Get to the top, jump to the fence, then jump to the east fence. From the fence, head north and jump through the window to get a rifle and ammo clips. (sector 69)
  2. In the water in the building, use the square at the southeast end, then head to the northwest hole and follow the maze to a teleporter. This lets you get the shotgun shells and the green armor. (sector 80)
  3. Jump across the water and use the glowing wall at the northeast end to get health bonuses in a barrel. (sector 96)
  4. You need to destroy nine barrels to get this secret. Three are outside, with one behind the barricade to the south of the start, another being east of the start, and another behind the crates west of the start. Secrets #1, #2, and #3 have crates, and in the main room of the building, one is in the southeast corner, while another is in the northeast corner in the water. At the lift, the last is in the southwest corner. After shooting nine barrels, head outside the fence at the start and pick up the backpack, energy cell packs, and BFG9000. (sector 97)
  5. In the Hell area, head across the bridges over blood, then lower the door at the north end. Stand on it and ride up, then open the west wall to get a passage of lost souls leading to a guardsphere. (sector 196)
  6. In the southwest part of the large valley, jump over the stalagmite behind the tree and you will find a switch. Press it to reveal a ton of health and armor bonuses. (linedef 1014 via script 12 and "secret trigger" thing 146)
  7. Attempt to jump the rocks at the west side of the valley and they will fall, along with a wall to the west. There is a switch here that lowers a lift on the highest rock. The backside has a switch as well. Use it and head south of there, dropping into a hole to get to a plateau east of the hall of blood. (sector 255)
  8. At Secret #7, jump through a window over the hall to the other side to find health bonuses, armor bonuses, and an invulnerability. (sector 252)
  9. At Secret #7, head south, jump past the fence, and head east. At the end, face north, jump on the translucent platform, then to the block north of it to find a switch. Use it, then return to Secret #7 and enter the room to the north to find an energy cell pack (energy cells on Ultra-Violence or higher) and an axe. (sector 284)
  10. There is a switch tucked behind the crate in Secret #9. Shoot it, then enter Secret #8 and use the burning barrel to hop over the west fence. On the other side, head south and jump to the lava to the southwest. Open the different wall to the east when there and follow the health bonuses to a super shotgun and a backpack. You can use the skull switch, then head south to head back to the first area. (sector 300)
  11. Once you unlock the door at the north end of the valley, go through and you will see a hall with three lights. The middle light blinks at the west wall. Lower that wall and enter the room to find red flasks, a box of rockets, and an energy cell pack. (sector 356)
  12. Jump into the Hellgrowth south of Secret #10 and use the south wall where the candle is to find armor bonuses and a medical pack. (sector 375)
  13. After finishing with the long lift, take the teleporter north of it, then re-enter the teleporter. Open the west wall and use the switch, then re-enter the teleporter again. At the top, jump northwest to the opening and go into the cave for a berserk pack. (sector 398)
  14. In the big hall past the long lift, use the southeast lift, and while it rises, hug the east wall and go through a translucent wall with health bonuses, dropping into a room with an energy cell pack (energy cells on Ultra-Violence or higher), red flasks, and boxes of ammo. (sector 511)
  15. In Secret #14, look at the ceiling lights. To open this secret passage, jump up from the desk with the red flasks towards the light that is different, which lowers the south wall. Take the passage to find a room with boxes of rockets and a megaarmor. (sector 535)
  16. On the upper walkway of the big hall, head to the northeast end, then look at the lava southwest and shoot the switch. After shooting it, head into the hole that opened to the northeast to find a soul sphere, armor bonuses, and a passage to the conveyor. (sector 539)
  17. On the conveyor mentioned in the previous secret, head to the easternmost end and use the skull switch to the south to trigger a secret, where health and armor bonuses appear on the conveyor. (linedef 3467 via script 36 and "secret trigger" thing 1073)
  18. At the north end of the upper walkway, jump to the center of the north wall to a translucent platform and shoot the north switch. Drop to ground floor and head south, then west to an area with bookshelves, health bonuses, and armor bonuses. The central bookshelf can be lowered for energy cell packs. (sector 614)
  19. At the northwest end of Secret #17, open the wall and use the switch to lower the north bookshelf in the middle, with a super shotgun and a box of shotgun shells. (sector 616)
  20. At the southeast end of Secret #17, shoot the red fire on the wall to lower a bookshelf nearby containing an invulnerability. (sector 618)
  21. Head right from the big hall and take the lift up. At the top, lower the north wall to find a soul sphere (megasphere on Hey, Not Too Rough or lower). (sector 635)
  22. Head east from the previous secret to the end of the first rock. Look northwest and up to shoot a barrel on a ledge, which will lower the northeast rock leading to a megaarmor. (sector 651)
  23. In the first room at the east temple, which is the one with the steps that lower, use the southeast pillar to reveal a soul sphere. (linedefs 3951 and 3952 via script 54 and "secret trigger" thing 1648)
  24. In the same room as the previous secret, when the steps go down, the west wall opens. Use the switch to raise the steps again, but use the switch a second time to lower the steps, which reveals a secret passage leading east to boxes of rockets. (sector 706)
  25. After you get the blue skull orb, return to the temple entrance and enter the alcove to the left of the entrance. Open the back wall and take the teleporter to be in the main room of the temple, at the northwest side with a switch to press. This opens the east wall with a super shotgun and a medical pack. (sector 819)
  26. After you get the blue skull orb, return to the temple entrance and enter the alcove to the left of the entrance. Open the back wall and take the teleporter from the west side to be in the main room of the temple, at the northeast side with a switch to press. This reveals a megasphere in the middle of the temple. (linedef 4600 via script 55 and "secret trigger" thing 1501)
  27. At the left side in the caves, enter the south end and to a wall with either two arch-viles or a revenant depending on your skill level. Jump over it and use the skull switch, then quickly run north and west to a lowered column with a medical pack and an energy cell pack (energy cells on Ultra-Violence or higher). (sector 963)
  28. Stay on Secret #27 and ride it up. Use the east switch to lower again, which also lowers the east column with another medical pack and a super shotgun. (sector 965)
  29. In the same caves, head south of Secret #28 and step in the lava, then quickly run north, west, and south, entering a new compartment with energy cells to the east. (sector 1012)
  30. At the southeast part of the western caves, climb the rocks until the west side opens up. Go there and use the wall in the southwest corner to get a soul sphere. (sector 979)
  31. In the exit area, use the northeast lamp to jump through the windows to the east windows to get a medical pack and a computer area map. (sector 996)


An energy cell (Thing 326) has no flags set for any of the three difficulty classes, so it does not actually appear in the level. It is at the same spot as an energy cell pack on skills 1-3, so probably was intended to appear on skills 4-5.

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Map data[edit]

Things 2175
Vertices 6004*
Linedefs 5847
Sidedefs 8817
Sectors 1015
* The vertex count without the effect of node building is 4956.


This level contains the following numbers of things per skill level:

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