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MAP05: The Catacombs is the fifth map of The Inquisitor III. It was designed by Shadowman and uses the music track "".


Map of The Catacombs
Letters in italics refer to marked spots on the map. Sector, thing, and linedef numbers in boldface are secrets which count toward the end-of-level tally.


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  1. In the west sewer, use the switch to raise the water level. As it rises to the top, go above the switch to open the south wall. This secret passage counts as a secret. (sector 297)
  2. In the northwest dark passage, go to the northwest side and east when you can to a small room. Lower the south wall there to get discs of repulsion and a quartz flask. The switch here gives you experience points and opens a closet with crossbow stunning bolts and green mana, plus a compartment in the previous room with a quartz flask and two bags of money. (sector 665)
  3. In the northwest room of six doors, open the south door on the east side, then the next door. Go to the center and you will warp a bit. Go to the east side and then open the inner wall to the west to find a medium bag with money. (sector 819)
  4. In the same area, head to the crates at the southwest end. Open the west crate from its east side to find crossbow stunning bolts. (sector 829)
  5. Open the north crate from the south side in the same area to find a potion of strength. (sector 831)
  6. In the northwest room of six doors, open the north door on the east side to a room with two big crates. Open the south crate from the north side to find a flechette. (sector 898)
  7. In the dark dungeons at the north end, when you get to a room with three doors, open the southwest door and use the switch. Return to the previous room and enter the southeast compartment to the blue candle. Lower the east wall to find flasks of holy water and a scroll of invisibility. (sector 2050)
  8. In the room with Secret #6, lower the northeast window to find a room with a crystal vial, a leather armor, and a flask of dragon oil. (sector 2079)
  9. Enter the living quarters and go to the northwest stack of crates. Lower the middle one to find a potion of iron skin. (sector 2144)
  10. In the halls of the ancients, enter the northeast building and enter the southeast room. Use the switch then quickly go to the northeast room and use the switch from the lowered bookshelf to the southwest. Leave and go into the water at the north end to find a secret area where you can get some mana. (sector 2956)
  11. In the northernmost hall, head all the way east and open three doors. In this room, lower the south wall to open three closets with a disk of repulsion, a flask of dragon oil, small bags with money, and crystal vials. (sector 3031)
  12. In the east dungeons, head to the section with crystal vials, vases, and candles. Open a wall to the west to get medium bags with money, a quartz flask, and a studded leather armor. (sector 4191)
  13. In the north section of the map, go to the northwest room and use the north wall to open the side rooms, which have quartz flasks, blue mana, and green mana. (sector 4549)


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Map data[edit]

Things 3197
Vertices 18077
Linedefs 24110
Sidedefs 38047
Sectors 5097


This level contains the following numbers of things per skill level:

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