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MAP06: Bitter Loathing is the sixth map of the Newdoom Community Project. It was designed by Trevor Primmett (iori).


Map of Bitter Loathing
Letters in italics refer to marked spots on the map. Sector, thing, and linedef numbers in boldface are secrets which count toward the end-of-level tally.


The switch behinds you lowers the floor and into an outdoor area. The castle ahead has red inverted crosses. Since it is marked red, you cannot enter this door until you obtain the red key, so take the teleporter, winding up in a hallway inside of the castle. Mind the crushers as you make your way to the super shotgun and the red key. Grabbing it traps you in with cacodemons ambushing you from the sides. To get out, a switch on the east wall is revealed so shoot it. You cannot enter the teleporter near it yet, so head back to the other teleporter. Now with the red skull key, you can formally head into the castle. At the fork, go left and hit the switch to open a wall next to you. Take the lift up and hit the switch on the ledge where the mancubi where. Now go back to the teleporter at the bottom of this outside area, maneuver through the crushers and the next teleporter should now be accessible into the canal below where the super shotgun was (alternatively, you could reach both Secrets 1 and 2 getting a soul sphere in the process). Press the switch next to the gate and go back through the teleporter. The hall to your left should now be open. Go through it, and press both switches at both ends to remove the bars blocking the way further on. Follow this hallway all the way until you find a switch, this raises the gates in the canal.

Now go back there and down the marble lift into a room with a rocket launcher in the middle. Hit either switch and go through the passage until it blocks you off. Backtrack to the previous room to find a new switch. This opens a room in the east passage with another switch. Hit this one and it opens up a hall in front of you, but back near the marble lift. Follow it into a large room with a baron of Hell in the middle of the fountain. Walk to the metal column in the back. This opens up two passages in the hallway, and going back lowers lifts up to the balcony overlooking the fountain. Go all the way to the end of both passages, and switches will appear on the metal column. Shoot both of them to lower the barricades barring access to the column. Now get to ground floor and walk towards the column and it will lower revealing a switch. Use it and go to the room with the rocket launcher and a door south will be revealed, taking you to another rocky outdoor area. The switch on the west side of this area lowers bars to the door to the east. Go through two doors here and you will reach an important nexus. You have a choice of two teleporters. Take the one on your left first to emerge into a new area.

You do not have much choice in this area, so just go all the way through the hallways and down to the canal, being careful of monsters along the way. When you lower the faceted lift, go through it instead of riding the lift, to an eye switch. Hit this and go back to the faceted lift and ride it up and go east. There is a fork here, the left path leads to the blue skull key, but it is not accessible yet so take the right path. Follow this path to a switch, watching out for embankments where mancubi will eventually teleport. Hit the switch and return to the faceted lift to find the next set of bars lowered. You will be on the exterior wall of the small fortress. The two eye switches on the perimeters here open the way inside. Once inside, go through until a switch which finally lowers the blue key. The key will be on the same level as the canal, but just make sure you get it. Now you need to backtrack all the way to the teleporter that got you into this separate area. You will find that it is now barred, but there is an open area that is open leading to another yard with the yellow door. The switch here raises the bars so you can use the teleporter.

Once back at the nexus where you can choose two teleporters, go through the other one. This one takes you back to the outdoor area at the beginning, on the ledge where the mancubi where. A blue switch exists here, so press it and approach the barriers to the next teleporter and they will open. Taking the teleporter leads to a room within the canal overlooking a room with Hell knights. The switch here opens the door to that room, accessible from the courtyard you were previously in. Backtrack there, and go down the hallway taking the lift down. The yellow key is visible here, along with a switch. Hit the switch, then backtrack to the nexus to find a few imps and the bars open. The switch inside raises stairs to the yellow key. Be sure to watch out for barons once you grab it. Now go back to the courtyard and open the yellow door to exit.


  1. In the hall with the crushers, just before the last crusher, go through the fake wall with the health bonus in front of it (western one) to find more health bonuses and a medikit. (sector 184)
  2. Head outside onto the big ledge with the mancubi, which is northeast of the starting point. Now run back into the building under the marble wall to hear a lift lower. Run to the lower floor and turn south, getting on the marble ledge. The wall ahead will open up revealing ammo and a shortcut back. (sector 164)
  3. From Secret #2, strafejump west to the other marble ledge with candles and open the pentagram wall for a teleporter. You will end up on a pillar with a soul sphere on it. (sector 81)
  4. In the hall with five green torches, there is a pillar with a beating heart on it, which functions as a switch. To get this secret, first head back to the large room with a rocket launcher on the pentagram to lower the lift to the north, then quickly press on the pillar with the beating heart, then reach the lift before it rises and head west quickly to the teleporter. This will take you to a small room with shotgun shells. Use the switch and the pole with another soul sphere will lower. (sector 356)
  5. In the large water area at the northeastern end of the map, find the switch to the northwest, which removes the pillars to the sides. Now head behind this switch to find one submerged in the water. Use it, then head back to where the previous switch was, where a new switch will be shown. Press this and quickly run all the way to the northeastern end. There used to be a cage here; run through it before it reappears again and drop down to get a megaarmor. (sector 736)
  6. With the blue key, use the blue switch in the open area near the starting point (where you can trigger Secret #2) and go through the teleporter at the western end. Get into the water and press the water in the northern part of the area for it to lower. Go to the health bonuses and press another waterfall to lower it too. Ride it up to get a computer area map. (sector 813)
  7. At the southeastern end of the map with the room surrounding the yellow key room, press on the northeastern corner to get a super shotgun and shotgun shells. (sector 891)


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UV max 11:41.89 Dylan Gill (TheV1perK1ller) 2017-10-04
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The data was last verified in its entirety on January 12, 2022.


Map data[edit]

Things 853
Vertices 8642*
Linedefs 9153
Sidedefs 14604
Sectors 943
* The vertex count without the effect of node building is 7324.


This level contains the following numbers of things per skill level:

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