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MAP06: Severed Survival is the sixth map of Claustrophobia 1024 2. It was designed by Elric Sullivan (Darkhaven), Walter Confalonieri (daimon) and Joonas Äijälä (Jodwin), and uses the music track "And So I carry on..." from GothicDM 2, created by David Shaw.


Map of Severed Survival
Letters in italics refer to marked spots on the map. Sector, thing, and linedef numbers in boldface are secrets which count toward the end-of-level tally.


Open the north (right-hand) door to get a berserk pack, then open the south door to enter a hallway with zombies. Go through the door at the west end of the hallway to reach an octagonal junction with a shotgun guy and imps, then open the south door and turn left to kill an approaching demon (plus a Hell knight on Hurt Me Plenty (HMP) skill level or higher). Press the skull switch behind the fence in the north-east corner to open the door next to it, along with a closet holding two shotgun guys (and a revenant on Ultra-Violence and Nightmare)m then go through and collect an armor and super shotgun before following the winding passage to the yellow skull key. Taking the key allows two imps to teleport into the passage, as well as a demon and/or shotgun guy.

Go back to the octagonal junction and open the west door, turn right to kill a revenant and cacodemon then press the blue button behind the revenant to raise some steps in the nearby blood pool. Climb the steps to a pentagram switch and press it to open a door behind you, then go through and kill a knight (plus lost souls on HMP or higher) before pressing the red button in the south-east corner, which will open another door and reveal a pain elemental guarding the blue skull key. Return to the octagonal junction and open the north door to confront a revenant and zombies, then continue north through a second door to enter a room full of imps and zombiemen. Collect the plasma gun and megaarmor behind the fences, then press the face switch on the west wall to lower the floor of the octagonal junction.

Fight off a shotgun guy and/or chaingunners to get back to the octagonal junction, where a door has been revealed in the north-east wall, then open it to find one or two lost souls guarding another door and a lift. Go through the door first to get the red skull key, kill the shotgun guys that teleport behind you then use the lift to go up to a second door. Go through it to a marble corridor with a chaingunner, lost souls, imps, one or two knights and a spectre then fight your way east and south until you reach two buttons - on HMP or higher, watch out for an arch-vile teleporting in as you round the second corner. Press the right-hand button first to lower the north wall and reveal more chaingunners and knights, then press the left-hand button to reveal an eye switch behind these monsters and bring in some demons. Shoot the eye switch through the fence to open another door by the corridor entrance, then push past imps, lost souls and revenants to another door; open it and kill an approaching revenant, then step through and look right to kill a knight, then head round to the exit switch and quickly kill an arch-vile that teleports in to defend it.

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  1. Go through the south door at the octagonal junction, then press the large skull directly in front of you to lower the wall to your right, revealing a backpack, a box of shotgun shells and a medikit. (sector 124) Note that you cannot get this secret after you've pressed the switch that you'll eventually find in the rooms behind the blue door, as the floor of the junction will lower and it will be impossible to gain access to the room with the secret anymore.
  2. Lowering the floor of the octagonal junction will reveal a new door to the north-east. Open this new door and notice a misaligned wall on your left. This wall can be opened to reveal a secret closet with a medikit and three stimpacks. (sector 343)


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Run Time Player Date File Notes
UV speed
NM speed
UV max 2:51.71 j4rio 2018-01-16
NM 100S
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UV -respawn
UV Tyson 12:07.23 Joonas Äijälä (Jodwin) 2010-01-23
UV pacifist

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Map data[edit]

Things 247
Vertices 1714*
Linedefs 1800
Sidedefs 2761
Sectors 346
* The vertex count without the effect of node building is 1428.


This level contains the following numbers of things per skill level:

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