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MAP08: 10 Secrets is the eighth map of SlayeR. It was designed by Richard Wiles and uses the music track "Slipper" by Mark Klem.


Map of 10 Secrets
Letters in italics refer to marked spots on the map. Sector, thing, and linedef numbers in boldface are secrets which count toward the end-of-level tally.


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  1. In the southern portion of the map with the switch that opens a door outside, press on the northwest corner to reveal a green armor. (sector 96)
  2. In the central room of the map with the crates, go to the northeast corner of the room and look at the backside of the crate here for a switch. Push it and run southwest, past the nukage, to the lowered crate before it rises. Lower the wall in front of this crate for a passage to a berserk pack. (sector 87)
  3. Enter the red key room and quickly return to the central room with the crates to find that the brown crate has lowered. Ride it up and climb to the edge here to find energy cells. (sector 81)
  4. In the same room mentioned in Secret #3, press on the faceted wall with a candle in front of it to lower the nearby wall where you can pick up another green armor. (sector 85)
  5. When you open the red door that leads back to the starting area, jump to the gray ledge overlooking the blood pool, but do not fall into the blood yet. Move along the ledge south and east, then up the crates to the high ledge with the soul sphere. (sector 50)
  6. Come back to the same spot in the starting area mentioned in Secret #5. Now look south to spot a switch hidden in the wall. Shoot it to reveal a switch behind you in the red brick room. Pressing this switch lowers the pillar with the BFG9000. (sector 99)
  7. Once again, come back to the same place from the last two secrets in the starting area. This time, fall onto the nearby crate east of the ledge and walk north through the brown wall to find a computer area map. (sector 101)
  8. In the blood channel on the eastern side of the map near the blue key, step on the ledge as if you were going to the teleporter, but do not drop down. Instead, run back north to the open passage where you will collect health bonuses. (sector 105)
  9. Open the blue door and press on the metal wall to the east to lower a teleporter across it, which takes you into the furnace above the central room with crates. (sector 83)
  10. Come back to the area near the blue door mentioned in Secret #9, but this time go across the lava going north. You will eventually find a megasphere (on Hey Not Too Rough or lower), a soul sphere (on Hurt Me Plenty), or two medikits (on Ultra-Violence or higher). (sector 89)


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Map data[edit]

Things 426
Vertices 884*
Linedefs 932
Sidedefs 1268
Sectors 108
* The vertex count without the effect of node building is 771.


This level contains the following numbers of things per skill level:

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