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MAP10: The Bleeding is the tenth level of Doom 64, designed by Danny Lewis. The level is set in a hellish volcanic outpost. The level is like a keep and the level is infested with imps, spectres and lots of mancubi. The level itself consists of lots of switch flipping in order to open doors and reveal new areas to eventually find the exit. It uses the music track "Dark Echo".


Map of MAP10


Player starts off in a round space confined by a thick stone wall with a square pillar in the middle and an open ceiling. The are two open spaces that are closed off by large stone columns positioned at opposite ends and two doors adjacent of them. Opening either door will open the opposite one automatically. Kill the imps lurking beyond each door. Around the sides of one of the doors will be energy cell packs that have to be picked up, and across from them on the other side of the same door, a niche opens up for the player to collect a plasma gun. Upon collecting the energy cell packs, a hoard of pinkies will appear in the round space and one of the sets of stone columns will retract into the ground to give access to the next portion of the map. Killing all the pinkies causes their corpses to disappear, then the player can move on.

Outside of the round space, the player comes across a door placed inline with the border walls of the map with a chaingun on the ground directly in front of it. This door leads into a bunker-like pavilion. Beyond this door is a room with several nightmare imps in linear formation which can be easily dispatched with the super shotgun, and on each side of the room up some stone steps are switches which open accesses to the outside walks of the pavilion. Player must take caution as the outside walks are occupied by a pair of hell knights each. After dispatching them, one of the walks takes the player to a switch on the outside wall which when activated, will trigger the appearance of several pinkies, imps, and a squadron of six mancubi on each end of the grassy path that surrounds the main square of the map. This also causes the rest of the columns to retract, granting the player access to the rest of the map, and it causes the square column in the round space to retract and reveal a soulsphere.

On the other end of the map from the pavilion is a large, temple-like keep. Upon entering the keep, a lost soul will appear and attack. Shoot it, then activate the switch on the left. This opens up corridors on each side which are infested with lost souls and lined with health and armor bonuses. After killing all the lost souls, head through the opposite corridor that had the health bonuses and go through the path that branches off from it. Player will come across a switch on the right wall which causes the small columns across from it to retract to grant access to the yellow skull key. Collect the key and continue heading down the path until you come across a corridor where loud roaring can be heard. The roaring is coming from spectres that are difficult to see in the dimly lit surroundings, but after killing them, the player can get to the yellow door.

Beyond the yellow door is a large cavern-like space with a shallow stream and a pack of more spectres. Additionally, directly across from the yellow door in a niche on the far stone wall sits the first BFG 9000 to be found in the game. However, the step that allows the player to reach it is raised a little too high at the moment. The player has to go up the steps which the stream is flowing down to reach a landing, and drop down into an enclosure and take out the two barons that appear. Then the player activates the switch and goes through the teleportal that takes him back to the top of the landing and heads back down the steps. Then around the left of where the BFG sits is a short path that leads to a switch that pops up from the ground. Activating this switch will cause the exit switches to appear in the round space where the player began the map.

When the player is about to exit the keep, an onslaught of several imps, pinkies, and mancubi will appear in an attempt to stop your advancement. Battle them out and kill them all. Afterward, the player can finally go back to the round space and hit one of the exit switches to end the map.

100% Completion[edit]


Imps, Nightmare Imps, Pinkies, Spectres, Lost Souls, Mancubi




Routes and tricks[edit]

Around the side of the other door of the round space are boxes of rockets and a niche with a berserk pack. Those are optional to collect and only need to be collected if the player needs them or wants to get 100% items for the map.

Inside the pavilion after killing the formation of nightmare imps, climbing the first step on the left causes a narrow section of wall to drop, revealing a mega armor powerup. Collect it, then ride the section up and open a niche to your immediate left to collect a rocket launcher. Then hit the switch to take you back down.

In the keep, at the beginning of the hall to the left past the stairs with all the armor bonuses, is a closed niche containing an energy cell pack.

In the cavern with the water, on top of the landing to the left facing the steps that the water is flowing down will be a large depiction of the face of a demonic creature, which when activated like a switch, will make the creatures eyes open up and glow red. This causes the step to the BFG to retract down some and give the player access to it. Upon collecting it, three mancubi will immediately appear in front of the yellow door. One well aimed shot of the BFG will take them all out.

When confronting the final onslaught of monsters before exiting the map, a few shots from the BFG will reduce their numbers greatly, then the rest can be picked off with a lesser tier weapon to conserve energy ammo since the BFG is voracious with energy consumption, and energy ammunition is fairly uncommon in the game.



Map data[edit]


Monsters BG and BIO IOD WMD
Powerups BG and BIO IOD WMD
Stim packs
Health bonuses
Armor bonuses
Green armors
Blue armors
Weapons BG and BIO IOD WMD
Ammunition BG and BIO IOD WMD
Ammo clips
Box of bullets
Box of shells

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