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MAP12: Thematic Terror is the twelfth and final map of MAYhem 2012. It was designed by Terminus and Kongming, and uses the music track "".


Map of Thematic Terror
Letters in italics refer to marked spots on the map. Sector, thing, and linedef numbers in boldface are secrets which count toward the end-of-level tally.


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  1. In the starting room, a misaligned wall at the west end can be opened for a box of ammo and a box of shotgun shells. (sector 66)
  2. Enter the area southeast of the hub and open the door to enter the building. Head to the crates south of the door and use the middle one. You can ride this up to get a chaingun and a box of ammo. (sector 228)
  3. On the way to the blue key, enter the corridor east of the three lamps and use the wall at the end to find a medikit, a box of ammo, and a backpack. (sector 282)
  4. At the northeast room with the red ledges, go to the ledge east of the switch and use the wall to find two medikits, five health bonuses, a green armor, and a chainsaw. (sector 488)
  5. Use the switch mentioned in the previous secret to open the west door. In here, open the wall at the northwest end and go west. Head to the section that has two revenants and open the back wall to find a Hell knight, stimpacks, energy cells, and a plasma gun. Grabbing the plasma gun opens up two side walls with two arch-viles, a medikit, and shotgun shells. (sector 599)
  6. After you get the red key, return to the caves that led you there and go to where the rocket launcher platform was. The platform has now lowered. Lower the one just behind it, and open the wall there to retrieve a megaarmor. (sector 310)
  7. Once you open up the complex at the north end of the map, enter the building to the left and take a lift up. Go to the southwest column and lower it to get an energy cell pack. (sector 631)
  8. After opening up the corner walls in the hub, go southwest of the hub to see a soul sphere on a pole. To lower the pole, head southeast and step on the flesh which will cause the pole to lower. (sector 924)
  9. Once you lower to the western hub, open the door to the north. In this room, head to the west switch to release cacodemons from the middle block, then get on that block and traverse the pillars up to a megasphere. (sector 1218)
  10. Use the switch at the north end of the room where the previous secret is, then head back to the western hub and approach the south wall. It will lower, along with two walls to the west and east. Go into the west alcove and use the wall here to find a teleporter. This will take you to a courtyard with a plasma gun, energy cell packs, boxes of rockets, rockets, a backpack, a rocket launcher, and a soul sphere. (sector 792)


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Map data[edit]

Things 2163
Vertices 10718*
Linedefs 10341
Sidedefs 16179
Sectors 1595
* The vertex count without the effect of node building is 8912.


This level contains the following numbers of things per skill level:

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