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This level occupies the map slot MAP15. For other maps which occupy this slot, see Category:MAP15.

MAP15: Dead Zone is the fifteenth map of TNT: Evilution. It was designed by William Whitaker and uses the music track "Smells Like Burning Corpse" by L.A. Sieben shared with MAP02: Human BBQ.


Map of Dead Zone
Letters in italics refer to marked spots on the map. Sector, thing, and linedef numbers in boldface are secrets which count toward the end-of-level tally.


There are no keys in the level. The exit is located at the top north of the map but first it has to be unlocked. The map itself is non-linear offering most of the areas as unrequired. The switch that unlocks the exit is in the central rounded room of the building.

Normal exit

In the starting room, collect items and push the wall to the right. Climb to the outside. In order to get to the central room, you have two variants:

1) Turn right and use the lift. Collecting a super shotgun climb the stairs. The central room is ahead of you.

2) Turn left and go around the corner. Use another lift here. You will come into a room with a water pool. There, turn left and enter the central room.

Push the green button next to a door in this room. The exit is unlocked now. Leave the building by dropping from any of the balconies. At the bottom, go around the building to the north until you meet a beige brick structure with a smashed corpse hanging on it (you could notice the same structure in the beginning). Fight the spectres guarding the door. Then open the door and kill an imp guarding the switch. Push the switch to finish the level.

Secret exit

In the starting room, push the wall to the right. Climb to the outside. Turn right and use the lift. Climb the stairs and turn left. Go through a small opening. Follow the corridor until you encounter a plasma gun. Turn right and push a misaligned wall in order to open it. Collect a berserk powerup (secret #6) and right here, push a wall to the right. Enter the teleporter. You will be brought to a small closet facing the outside. Not dropping from here, turn around and press the switch for the secret level, Pharaoh.



  1. At the southwest corner of the main building is a large open white room with a pool of water in the center. There is a doorway to the northeast. There is a misaligned wall just left of the doorway; open it to access a secret passage containing blur and invulnerability spheres. (sector 240)
  2. Go through the silver door just north of the circular room in the center of the main building. You will be in a roughly "Y"-shaped hallway. Open the wall in the bend on the left side of this hallway. You will be in a tiny room with a window overlooking the outside. Open one of the grey hexagonal-tiled walls in this room to reveal a secret alcove with a couple of medikits. (sector 176)
  3. Return to the Y-shaped hall again. Directly across from the opening to secret #2 is another secret door. Behind it is another tiny room with a window overlooking the outside. Again, open one of the grey tiled walls to reveal some armor bonuses. (sector 172)
  4. Return to the Y-shaped hallway once more. Just north of the entrance to secret #3 is another secret door, and the only one in this room to have a misaligned texture. There is a long narrow corridor behind it. Before reaching the area of the corridor with oscillating lights, open the wall to the left to get a rocket launcher. Continue along the corridor until you reach the first switch, on the right-hand wall. Backtrack through the corridor a ways and you will see that a red glowing alcove has appeared. Step into it to be teleported to a raised platform in the outdoor area surrounding the main building. (sector 305) Do not drop off this platform yet; instead, make your way around it to the other side, where you will see a switch. Press it to lower the tall pillar in the center of the platform, making the blur sphere atop it accessible.
  5. At the north end of the main building is a room with a diamond-shaped bridge crossing a nukage pool. There is a "poison" sign in the southwest corner of the room; open it to get a backpack. (sector 292)
  6. Ride the lift in the southeast corner of the main building. Go up the stairs and continue along the path to the left. At the end of this narrow passage is a plasma rifle. There is a nearby wall (just southeast) with a misaligned texture; open it to reveal a berserk pack. (sector 223)


  • (Secret Exit) Inside secret #6, open the southwestern wall to reveal a teleporter. Step in and you will be teleported to a hidden raised alcove in the side of the main building. Rather than dropping down from here, turn around and flip the switch, which takes you to the secret map MAP31: Pharaoh.
  • The southern corridor leading to the circular section has a switch on the left-hand side. Press it, and run directly to the north-west balcony and jump down. Run to the BFG before it raises back up.
  • Southeast and on the opposite wall of the switch that lowers the BFG on the left side on the black hexagonal tiled wall is a secret door that leads down some steps to the outdoor area. There is an imp inside.
  • In the northern part of the building, you should see a switch on the left staircase. This opens a door between the regular exit room and one of the deathmatch start rooms, but is too far away to reach normally. The door can only be passed northward, from the deathmatch start room, as the step up from the exit room is too high. (Also, the sidedef for the side of the door visible from the exit room has a middle texture with y-offset which produces the appearance, from that side, that the door does not open high enough.) This door is part of a mechanism that would make it so that deathmatch players have to agree to exit the level: one hits the switch while the other goes through the door. The normal exit door would be shut by a walkover linedef when exiting the deathmatch start rooms. However, only the north deathmatch start room actually has that linedef special defined, so the mechanism to block the normal exit door only works if that player moves first.


A sunken sector (330) near the eastern edge contains monsters waiting in ambush (four sergeants on ITYTD/HNTR, a cacodemon on HMP, a cacodemon and a pain elemental on UV/NM). However, because the sector is not tagged to a linedef action to raise the floor, it is normally impossible to get 100% kills on all skill levels. It is possible to kill or awaken the monsters by shooting a rocket at an enemy above the sunken sector, as the infinite height of the explosion will inflict damage on the monsters below.[1] This is not presently required for 100% completion under Compet-N rules.

Areas / screenshots[edit]


Routes and tricks[edit]

Current Compet-n records[edit]

The Compet-n records for the map are:

Run Time Player Date File Notes
UV speed (normal exit) 00:15 Marijo Sedlić (Sedlo) 2002-12-10
UV speed (secret exit) 00:12 Jim Leonard (Xit Vono) 2002-11-17
NM speed (normal exit) 00:16 Jim Leonard (Xit Vono) 2002-11-17
NM speed (secret exit) 00:12 Jim Leonard (Xit Vono) 2002-11-17
UV max 04:10 Eugene Kapustin 2004-12-28
NM100S 01:16 Jim Leonard (Xit Vono) 2002-08-03
UV -fast 05:54 Serge Marudov (Never_Again) 2006-06-04
UV -respawn 02:36 Casey Alvis (Altima Mantoid) 2013-01-22
UV Tyson 12:17 Jim Leonard (Xit Vono) 2002-01-18
UV pacifist (normal exit) 00:17 Jim Leonard (Xit Vono) 2002-11-16
UV pacifist (secret exit) 00:17 Jim Leonard (Xit Vono) 2002-11-16

The data was last verified in its entirety on July 6, 2020.

Current DSDA records[edit]

The records for the map at the Doom Speed Demo Archive are:

Run Time Player Date File Notes
UV speed (normal exit) 0:15.86 Pleymo 2020-04-14
UV speed (secret exit) 0:12.71 Pleymo 2020-04-20
NM speed (normal exit) 0:15.89 Pleymo 2020-04-14
NM speed (secret exit) 0:12.66 Pleymo 2020-04-20
UV max 2:28.71 Neil Kloster 2023-03-14
NM 100S 0:58.89 Teedre 2021-09-23
UV -fast 3:22.06 Bob9001 2022-07-30
UV -respawn 2:36.49 Casey Alvis (Altima Mantoid) 2013-01-22
UV Tyson 7:41.11 j4rio 2013-03-02
UV pacifist (normal exit) 0:16.97 depr4vity 2020-04-20 Also Reality
UV pacifist (secret exit) 0:14.54 Jean-Charles Dorne (JCD) 2021-11-05
NoMo (normal exit) 0:13.83 Dastan 2021-03-15
NoMo (secret exit) 0:10.94 Looper 2013-02-27
NoMo 100S 0:53.46 Pleymo 2020-04-16
Stroller (normal exit) 0:29.91 Pleymo 2020-06-10
Stroller (secret exit) 0:31.60 Niloquì 2023-04-22 Also Reality

The data was last verified in its entirety on May 5, 2023.


Player spawns[edit]

This level contains four spawn points:

  1. facing east. (thing 65)
  2. facing south. (thing 66)
  3. facing north. (thing 67)
  4. facing west. (thing 68)


Map data[edit]

Things 364
Vertices 1310*
Linedefs 1421
Sidedefs 1409
Sectors 336
* The vertex count without the effect of node building is 1058.


This level contains the following numbers of things per skill level:

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